A Mental Health Care Kinda Day

    The sun’s up, your alarm has snoozed several times, you want to wake up. You really do. But your body is too exhausted from all the thoughts, the anticipations, and the procrastination. You open your eyes and stare at the ceiling, your mind is wandering through so many things that it feels blank. The stare continues for quite a bit. Then you shake the thoughts off. You leave a sigh and get up, put your feet down and wonder if you should spend the day like it’s a mental health care kinda day! So, what are the things you should be doing on a day that makes it pretty clear that you need a day off?

    Ask Yourself What You Want To Do

    If you were going on a weekend trip, wouldn’t you pick a place where you’d feel at home the most? Why is it any different in this case? Instead of asking all your friends what they do when they feel such or looking at IG stories and trying to recreate others’ versions of “chill”, create your own. Ask yourself what you feel like doing and without thinking too much into it, do it. You want to eat two pizzas all alone? Go ahead! You want to just Netflix the rest of the day? Do it! You want to take a day-long nap? Why not? Even if it is doing nothing at all, do nothing at all. Recharging oneself by taking a break is as productive as it can get. 

    Mental Health Is Real

    For those of you wondering, why waste a whole day doing nothing at all when you can get over yourself and go about the day? Yes, you absolutely can and the saddest part is, we often do so. However, instead of slogging and dragging through the day getting things done half-heartedly, isn’t it better to recharge yourself by giving yourself a day off and contributing your best efforts through the next few days?  

    Us, human beings, are complicated creatures. Our brains function 24x7, even when we are asleep. Keeping aside all the regular work that we do, our minds do the most tiresome job; they process thoughts. The intensity to which these thoughts are processed are different for each of us. But, no matter the intensity and depth, when we feel exhausted mentally, our brain is asking us for a break. To not have to go through a grilling day again, to do things that help release more of the dopamine (the happy hormone). The happy hormone is secreted when we do things that we feel good about, that makes us happy. This is when we should keep our ego of proving our abilities aside, put our foot down and give our mental health the medication it is asking for. 

    Forms Of Self Care

    Self-care does not have boundaries; it varies from person to person. Because these are personal things, things that we love doing. My form of self-care might not be what you feel good doing. If you find it hard to realise what yours is, pick up a pen and paper and jot down all the things that you love doing. Then select the things you want to do on the particular day. The reason jotting down helps is that your brain maps the things that make you happy and subconsciously tell you that it wants to do those things. Thinking is sometimes good for your mental health, after all! 

    You come back to bed, feeling all tired from all the fun you had and the peace you feel, and you lie down. Looking at the ceiling, you smile. You know you deserved that break. It feels like a good day! 

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