All you need for an at home manicure

    Everyone loves to get pampered, but for the days you can’t book that nail appointment at the salon, or if you’re trying to save up by doing your own nails at home, here’s all you need to get started! This post includes affiliate links and some Amazon finds.

    What’s needed

    UV Nail Lamp: First off, you’ll need the UV Nail Lamp. My sister bought me a gel nail kit a few years ago that included everything I needed to begin my gel nails at home journey. There are a ton of options out there nowadays! Be sure to do your research and buy the best fit for you!

    Base Coat and Top Coat: I purchased this Gellen Gel Nail Polish Base Coat and Top Coat set on Amazon. It’s been working well ever since! They usually last a bit under the two-week mark (not as long as salon grade, but I’m not complaining). 

    I also bought nail polish color sets from Gellen on Amazon. The colors I purchased were pastel beauties that can be used for any occasion – Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set. I’ll be purchasing other colors very soon! If you’re interested in the more popular brand name nail polishes, like OPI, I would recommend visiting your local beauty supplies stores for possible finds. I’ll be checking my local shops soon to find some for myself!

    Nail Surface Cleanser: This is a much needed product! My original kit included a small bottle of the nail surface cleanser. I purchased a larger Gelish Nail Surface Cleanser, since I use this every time I do my nails. It helps remove any residue before and after you do your gel nails. It removes the stickiness your gel nails may leave behind.  

    Add on!

    Nail Stickers: This has been all the trend on social media lately. I decided to try it out after I saw this set on Instagram. For only about $6 dollars or so, I got this Nail Stickers set that can be used for any occasion. It adds that extra special touch to my look! All you need to do is cut the one(s) you want out, leave it under water for 10-15 seconds, and apply it to your nail with some tweezers. You’ll just need to add the top coat to seal it on.

    There you have it! A quick guide for at home manicures. Let me know how it goes and if you suggest any other products!

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