Are you conscious of your clothes?

    Cruelty free, ethical, vegan, sustainable,conscious, green and environmentally friendly.

    The movement is growing faster than any other revolution in the history of mankind.

    The conscious revolution escalated from our food to various aspects of our lives to make us feel better about the fact that we consume, therefore we are. So, why it it so hard for the fashion industry catch up with that as well? Find out how you can make more sustainable, conscious choices and fill your wardrobe with lovely cruelty-free ensambles on www.chelf.net 

    • Ellone A Ellone A : This is such an important subject and more brands have started being more conscious towards environmental aspects!
      6 years ago 
      • Chelf D Chelf D : That's true! The fashion industry is finally catching up!
        6 years ago 
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