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    Good evening all.


    I trust you are all well , and starting to get back to some sort of normality.


    Tonight's article i feel will be relatable to a wide audience , its that part of our lives we can find extremely confusing and also heart-breaking yes its love and relationship's.


    I get lots of messages from my readers asking for advice regarding love and relationship's , I'm no dear Deidre but ive had my own share of heartbreak and confusion.


    First i want to say to you all that read this article proceed with an open mind its just advice and my own added personal experience's, so lets get to it.


    The daunting experience of love and relationship's it can leave us in quite a confused state , love makes us do things we wouldn't normally do it can either evolve us or destroy us.


    It all depends on how we react to certain situations, we live in a world were we are forced to always do the right thing the respectable thing even if sometimes it makes ourselves unhappy .


    When it comes to finding another human being that we are compatible with it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Lets just address the elephant in the room here and just make something clear , there isn't such thing as a perfect partner everyone has faults.


    So lets throw away the perfect partner check list out shall we and be realistic here.


    Dating isn't anything like it used to be its all swipe left swipe right these days, There is an app for all sorts of things these days but are dating apps actually a useful tool to help you find the perfect partner.


    Do you want me to be perfectly honest here... I'm going to say no sorry tinder ...


    I know some people may not agree here but remember what i said previously remain open minded.


    I just think dating apps show pictures and its all about first impression's on people and superficial looks.


    How can you really get to know people from just a short bio of themselves on a site with millions of users.


    It isn't impossible but surely its not all postive experiences. 

    I'm not saying lets go back to the 1930's what I'm trying to say is times have moved on but it still doesn't hurt to use some of the traditional dating method's.


    So what if your already in a love connection and your unsure on what you want from your connection together.


    If you find yourself in a connection where your unsure if you see future progress with that person the key is communication don't waste your own time or the other parties time , because we all know that time is precious and you will never get it back.

    Its always best to be honest and upfront i know sometimes its not easy to cause others heartbreak but you could be potentially be holding yourself and your partner back from finding more compatible connections.

    I know its sad but sometimes we need to let go in order to progress.


    This part of the article connects to everybody who maybe talking to someone and are having mixed signals from the other party.


    Have you been talking a lot lately and all of a sudden communication slows down or do they completely go ghost on you well here are a few tips that i have learnt myself over the years.


    • Don't make yourself so easily available to them, I know how it goes you get that texted message and you think oh i have to texted back straight away DONT!!!! there isn't a law on how long you should wait to texted back but don't make yourself so easy to be reachable.
    • They must understands that you need to study or hang out with friends or family, you need your own space it's not healthy to spend 24 hours a day every day together.


    • Set Boundaries The right man or lady will step up to the plate and bring their A game. By conveying how you wish to be treated you are setting yourself up as the exceptionally high value human being that you are.
    • The three day texted rule this one's for you if your being subjected to the ultimate male code of treat them mean keep them keen let's ignore them for three days and see what happens rubbish, well lads your theory is outdated as the ark, by doing this incredibly silly tactic you could possibly make them loose complete interest in you sorry but we want consistency alongside space don't confuse the two.


     After going through my own in depth dating experiences .


    That’s when I realized that as a society, we don’t teach our people about the things each of us desires most. We all want love.


    We want relationships.


    We want to grow.


    This is what we imagine can happen in a great relationship, but most of us haven’t deleted our unconscious relationship programming.


    To change those habits into new ones, we have to do it with our hearts, not just our minds. Knowing something isn’t the same as being someone new.


    Love can be a beautiful experience if we allow ourselves to be honest with our own feelings , there isn't any wrong or right way to date someone but you have to feel it in both your heart and mind, Both working symmetrically and in harmony .


    Love to you All


    Stacie xx

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