Be a YES person

    Now that I’ve put the past behind me, it’s time to look into the future! I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of sharing my 2018 goals but with a twist! I did it before I left Germany and I’m doing it again at the beginning of the new year. It not so much goals, but more of a to do list, and intentions.

    And one of my rules I made myself before I left Germany was say yes to every adventure, you can sleep when you are dead. This resulted in 3:30 am starts to hike lions head with the sunrise, rowing a kayak around sea-point although I really have a fear of deep ocean water and shooting a 9 mm gun on a farm at old wine bottles and computer parts. I might not come across this way, but actually I truly am a safe person, and old Carla definitely would not necessarily have agreed to all the crazy adventures but I honestly cannot thank my little self enough for making this rule and giving myself this push. The last few months have been so much fun and the yolo life and mentality has really delivered past my expectations. ?? I plan on living 2018 the same and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me! 

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