Get ready for Black Friday

    This Friday it’s Black Friday again! And if you love chaos, but also cool items for a little less,
    then Black Friday is something for you too. I’m not a big fan of shopping during sale,
    because it can be so busy and messy in stores. And I always wonder, especially during Black
    Friday if the deals are really that good. But that’s something you have to keep in mind yourself
    during sale shopping. Is it worth it? Anyways online shopping is a good solution if you want to
    avoid all the craziness. You might want to prepare yourself if you have particular items in mind
    that you want to buy. You’re not the only one out there of course. Here are some tips.

    #1 GOT A BUDGET?

    It all starts with a budget. Honestly I’m not very good at this. I either forget to set a budget or I
    forget I had a budget. But it’s very important to think about how much you want to spend.
    Payday is at the end of the month most of the time, so you still want to save some money for the
    rest of the month. I’m pretty sure you thought of paying your bills already, but let me mention
    it just to be sure.


    Something I should do all the time when I go shopping, but I don’t. I intend to buy stuff I don’t
    really need. I just don’t like to come home empty handed when I’ve been strolling through the city
    for hours. So when I can’t find what I want, I just buy what I really like (and don’t really need).
    So it’s very wise to make a list of what you need or really want. This way it’s a little harder for
    you to get distracted by all the goodies out there.


    For all my Dutchies out there, check out Black Friday’s website and prepare yourself. Here you’ll
    find all the brands that are participating Black Friday. What’s easy is that you can choose different shopping categories,

    such as women’s fashion, interior design, electronics and more. It makes online shopping a whole lot easier. 
    I’m thinking of buying new boots for winter, so I’ll be checking out women’s fashion obviously. Just keep an eye out on
    Black Friday’s website to stay updated on all sale deals. And if you don’t, I’m pretty sure brands
    will be bombing you with Black Friday related e-mails. A lot of brands started offering Black
    Friday deals already. So you can’t really miss all the craziness.

    Check out the last two tips over here babes!

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