Happiness Is a Daily Choice

    There are many recipes on the internet that offer you the path towards happiness. Some are related to the things you can buy, other to experiences you can have, but few are related to the mindset that leads to happiness.

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    There is a proverb that says "It is easier to cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle", but I believe suffering is the same for all of us and unfortunately, things happen whether you own a luxurious car or just a bicycle. In the end, happiness is not about things, it's not even about people, but it's all about you and your mental health.

    In every moment of your life, you choose if you want to be a victim of the universe or a survivor, you are your own hero waiting to save the day. And, unlike sadness, happiness can be skipped or avoided. It is up to you if you choose to do it or not.

    As humans we love to bring sadness into our world by creating our environment for it: comparing ourselves to others, finding comfort in things or food, not listening to our hearts, complaining about everything, not being kind to others, but most importantly not being kind to ourselves.

    What if I would tell you that happiness is can be found by being present and pleased with yourself? And what if I would tell you that no amount of money will ever buy that for you? I don't believe in perfect recipes, but I do believe in happiness and that accepting yourself just as you are, is taking you one step closer to that feeling.

    Learn to relax, to take a break from all of the problems, I promise you they will be there when you decide to go back :). Even in the darkest times, there are still things in your life that are worth fighting for, so grab an ice cream ( only one! ) and enjoy the moment!

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