Hello 2024 - In's and Outs

    Hello FP Friends Happy New Year Lovelies

    How are you doing? around the world? its been a minute and I missed you guys really how are you doing? I'm still kinda in holiday mode here in my city Summer is going good , but you can feel the norm creeping in slowly ... 

    I've seen this trend going around In's and Outs for the year lets give it a goo 

    • creating>consuming
    • drink more water
    • reading more 
    • learning a new recipe / being the kitchen more 
    • blog more (haha I really want to try this year)
    • more walks / sunsets 
    • getting more creative 
    • some form of exercise 

    • consuming > creating 
    • too much screen time (very hard but got to work on it)
    • comparing 
    • not being organized
    I would like to add more here but I really need to think about it but it was fun making that ins and outs list... lets hope I can stick to it haha 😂 

    How is 2024 treating you so far? 


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