Hello November - A Journal Entry - November 1st 2020

Hello November - A Journal Entry - November 1st 2020

    It is now November 1st, can you believe, the time has flown by so fast! Next month is Christmas. Jesus Christ.

    October came and went in a whirlwind and it was a good one because it was filled with many fun-filled events because, for one, it was my birthday month!  So obviously I was on cloud #9 practically half of the month, celebrating and going back and forth at my pictures and reliving each and every moment. I love birthdays and all the more that it was mine. LOL.

    We made it just in time before COVID  stage 2 hit and all in-dining was mandated to close for 28 dates the following week of my birthday. My bday was Oct 3rd.

    Prior to stage 2 closures, I did a lot anyway so I didn't feel cheated out of my summer at all. I still dined and took all the necessary precautions and adhered to all the safety protocols and my family and I are safe. Life still needs to move forward and I felt being cooped up in the house was just too much for my mental health and continuing to do what made me happy in life, and helped my mental stability during this COVID part of my life.

    So my family took me out for our last restaurant dining at Patria downtown Toronto. It was so beautiful there and the night was so awesome!

    As a birthday present from my daughter brought me to a Van Gogh Immersion Event and let me tell you if you haven't experienced this. Then you need to. It was so magical and so peaceful and so beautiful. You sit in a dedicated circle (due to COVID) and watch the show, with masks on. Take as many pictures as you like. It was a beautiful way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with that special someone in your life.

    Our Thanksgiving was at home and we made it special as per usual and decorated our table with love.

    Mid-October we had a burst of gorgeous hot weather and I met up with my co-workers and had afternoon Tea time in her backyard/forest. She lived in a beautiful and perfect setting and when the sunset, we had a roaring bonfire with beautiful conversations and music. As co-workers, we became family.

    The lesson I learned from COVID was relationships. I learned the hard way of realizing who you're true person is, and who isn't. The girls here, are my co-workers on my team, then throughout March, we all became family. They teleworked from home and I was left behind at the office. Nevertheless, we communicated daily with all of our team members in our What's App group chat. We went through anxieties and lifted each other up. We encouraged and made each other laugh. COVID has overworked our mental health so much that without someone to confide in or share our thoughts and feelings, we would be shattered into pieces.


    I am grateful I have people in my life who I mattered to.

    As we enter into November, I am hoping and praying that you have people that encourage you and support you and love you, and care for your mental health during this pandemic.

    Let go of people who waste your time and keep the ones who remind you that you matter.

    Be safe, be responsible, and let Christmas be our goal!

    Look how gorgeous the Fall foliage is.

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