How to Create a Hygge Home

    The word 'hygge' is more than a word, 'hygge' is a concept that embodies the feeling of cosiness, comfort, and togetherness.

    If you wish to maintain a hygge-focused lifestyle, below are some ideas that might help you. This list will give you an outline of what to put and how to decorate your home to create hygge.

    Create a home library

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    You can use old books to fill up the bare walls or black area. If you don't have enough space, keep it small. Even a simple corner of your home will work. 

    We all know printed books hold their own appeal. So, displaying those in your home will be part of your interest and personality. While having a home library will justify your spending on books, you can also use them to adorn your hygge space.

    Warm & cosy wall colours

    You can pick any light and neutral hue as per your choice to create a warm and welcoming environment. To keep it minimalist, choose any basic neutral wall colour. It will keep you calm and balanced after a hectic day. 

    Also, to add a warm hue, you can add any dark shades. You can go for red, blue, or gold. But make sure a professional painting company does the paint job. They may offer you services like a colour consultancy to let you explore before you paint.

    Collection of happy memories

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    In this Instagram era, you might find it an "old-fashioned" practice. But it's an undeniable way to turn your house into a home. Showcase your most cherished memories. Be it your graduation ceremony or wedding day, or any past trip moments, hang the pictures of people you care for.

    These photos will trigger good and happy memories. It will make you nostalgic enough to relive the feelings or moments every time you look at them. These pictures add a sense of personal touch to your home. Even people who will visit your place will get to see the reflection of you and your loved ones.

    Addition of artworks

    You can include artwork that holds originality to add an aesthetic touch. Pick any art piece by local or international painters. It can be locally made macramé décor items, vintage paintings, sculptures, handmade showpieces, etc. 

    Art pieces are those key parts of your home decor that display the social atmosphere and mood of a house. Even it could lead to a passionate conversation with your guests as they might want to know more about your artistic interest and the story behind the art piece, and so on. 

    Also, artworks are very relaxing to watch. It will give you a creative eye to view the world and get inspired.

    Candles for decoration

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    Candles are not just about the lights and fragrance. It rather creates a relaxing ethos and works as a source of positive energy and stress reliever. 

    You can place candles anywhere in your home, from your bedroom to the living room, bathroom to the dining hall. If you wish to experience a spa-like feel in your bathroom, you can keep candles in a bath tray near your bathtub. Put candles with candle holders on your bedside table to enjoy a sound sleep.

    Add a fireplace

    You can have a fireplace in your home. It will not only lower your home energy bills but also boost your winter experience. Actually, including a fireplace is vital for the hygge décor of your place. It brings warmth and togetherness. 

    A fireplace may become a source of pleasure as sharing the firelight, sitting on cozy couches, watching the dancing flames, and hearing the cracking logs give you a campfire vibe. 

    Whether becoming snug and warm when snow is falling outside or enjoying a family get-together dinner night, the fireplace becomes a gathering centre or demanding space everyone looks for.

    In the end, creating hygge at home teaches us to embrace the things that matter most. It helps you to contentment and to prioritise the items that define you. This is the sole reason why people living in a fast-paced society seek to adopt the hygge lifestyle. 

    Hygge helps to gain calmness and a fulfilling life. So, creating a hygge ambience for your home is definitely worth it.

    Feature Image: Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

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