How to start a Youtube Channel with your friend?

How to start a Youtube Channel with your friend?

    These days, anyone with a Google account can start a Youtube channel but what about starting a successful one with your friend? That too, has its own sets of problems. This is why before you start your Youtube channel, here are 4 tips that you must read to start a successful Youtube channel with your friend. 

    Choose an Easy Channel Name

    Having an easy to read channel name allows people to remember the channel name effortlessly. The channel name can be a combination of your friends and your name or something you both love. But do think of what you want to upload on your channel before coming up with a name for your channel name can be a reflection of your niche.

    Choose a Niche or not

    Talk about what content you want to upload. It is easier and more consistent if you choose a niche and stick to it but it could be restrictive as well. So you can always start out generally and go towards a niche later. Just do what makes all of you happy and don't lose sight of that.

    Keep Communications Open 

    As friends, it is easy to assume that the other party wants the same thing as you but you have to remember, they are not you. So it is important to keep communications open and express your thoughts openly. Understand that the opinions expressed are not against you and are more constructive opinions to help elevate your ideas. 

    When it comes to working with someone else even it's your best friend, don't assume anything. It is better to ask if you are uncertain.

    Delegate the Work

    Creating a Youtube channel is more than just uploading videos weekly, there's also the marketing, shooting and editing part as well. Delegate the work so that one person does not feel injustice as to why they are doing so much while the other party is doing so little. Determine who will be editing, who will be shooting and discuss with each other.

    For example, in my latest video that I created on this channel that I started with my friend, we delegated the work like this: 

    MeMy Friend
    Comes up with the script and hostFilms the video
    Market the video on social mediaEdits video
    Edit video for social media
    Edit video for social media

    Sometimes the list for one party can be longer or shorter but do lean on each other and discuss it.

    I started a Youtube Channel with My Friend!

    That said, these tips are from my personal experience so far from starting my new Youtube channel, Can Lah Production with my friend. Based in Singapore, we will be posting about lifestyle videos, videos that bring you around Singapore and more. Do check us out here: 

    Can Lah Production

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