How To Stay Focused and Happy At The Same Time When Life Feels Too Busy

How To Stay Focused and Happy At The Same Time When Life Feels Too Busy

    When the life around you seem ruthlessly busy and you lose focus, you're more likely to lose every drop of interest levels left within you. As too much of your involvement (social and personal) is definitely going to take away all your energy. This post is for those days when; "life demands too much from you, and you find it hard to juggle between everything, while trying to keep a balance between work, life, family, passion, self-care, and personal demands and ambitions." Let's escape from anything that seems challenging for a moment, and be present. Now, let's just listen to our heart and ignore the rest. 

    We all want to stay focused in our life and work. Don't we? We want to do everything just perfectly perfect, to feel happy and present in our life; but with lots of tasks to juggle between, we can only pick those that are extremely urgent and or are more important.

     You know that sinking feeling that I'm talking about- when you've too many things to worry about, and everything seems important in life! Here's how you can focus when everything seems equally important.

     On days when you have too much to do, and too many things to remember, it's normal to feel like you're battling stress and discouragement. We feel overwhelmed and too exhausted to take care of too many things!

    I was feeling that lately, and was having trouble to focus on my priorities. I have had to do everything, because every-single-task in my life was important and equally dear to me. But it's often hard (and impossible) to multi-task all-the-time. We need to untag ourselves from those responsibilities, once in a while. It's hard to stay happy and feel satisfied when we have to pick just few out of many!

    So here's how I try to keep myself happy and focused at the same time, especially when life feels overwhelming and impossible.

    1. Decide Your Priorities

     Look at your list of to-do things that can be postponed, assigned and shared. Just do the task that cannot wait, and take time to do the rest. Minimize multi-tasking.

    2. Meditate

    Meditation is a great way to practice focus, that can also enhance concentration, and calm your mind. Still your mind and have no distractions (any kind of), that may prevent you from being focused in life, or at work. Every day matters can easily be resolved when we try to solve them one-at-a-time.

    3. Have A Clear Understanding of Your Goals

    First, we need to understand what matters the most in our life. If you can simplify and eliminate the unnecessary from the life; you'll have more to focus on what seems important. You'll have better understanding of the "priorities in your life." 

    Sometimes it may seem hard to let go of certain things that matters so much to you; but still if you think- you'll have to let it go for the betterment of yourself and your family; then take that bold step. But always keep trying to begin where you left. After settling everything else and clearing all the clutters- try and focus backwards; to what you had to let go! I had to make some tough decisions of my life lately; but I'm sure I will go back to where I've left.

    4. Spend Time Learning and Growing Each Day

    I've practically seen myself that; when I'm looking forward to learning something new to grow and develop my skills, I feel my life is exciting and kicking every day. It makes me feel proud of myself- when I do everything I can to enhance my knowledge and skills. If we continue to add new learning, and knowledge to our self-being; we can keep that focus in place and the willingness to do more (yes, a lot more) remains alive within us. When we develop the urge within us to learn and grow; we can always encourage others to do so too!

    5. Maintain peace in every situation

    How to start feeling at peace with the way you are? Do you ever wonder? After mulling over my consent to be different yet authentically vulnerable, I have come to this decision that there's no other way to maintain peace in every situation than being unapologetically your raw self-being!

    I'm extremely happy to announce that I have no regrets in being kind, soft, and equally stronger than people who have walked away from my life, and/or doesn't want me in their life.

    “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.” ~Brene' Brown

    6. Find your 'happiness' in ordinary moments

    Don't wait for everything to get better to feel happy, let [pure true] joy show up in your life in simple ordinary moments!  When we realize we're having fun playing and taking breaks, we kind of empower and encourage our life to steer in a direction that makes us happy. This way we are also giving ourselves permission to relax, laugh more, and to clear out our mind. 

    There's so much positivity to absorb- all around us. Keep looking and keep including them in your life. At work or in our personal life, our emotional health matters as much as our physical! If we aren't happy at the place where we spend most of our time, we can never be happy in our real [personal] life either! If we aren't satisfied with what we do, and constantly find ourselves stressed and unhappy, we are sure to fall sick, and stay unhappy forever. 

    If you've got a great tip (s) to stay focused and happy when life seems hectic and you feel pressed by your responsibilities; then definitely share it with me in the comments below. 

    Main Image Credit- Photo by Aljoscha Laschgari on Unsplash 

    • M T M T :

      Great information! I've been meditating for a while now and I totally love it. Definitely helps in concentration.
      Thank you for writing this Xx

      3 years ago 
      • Epsita M Epsita M :

        Thank you so much, Maria <3 

        I completely agree with you, meditation is very important to me too, especially when I need to break free from all kinds of stress and chaos happening around me. 

        3 years ago 
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