How To Style Knee-High Boots | Fall & Winter Fashion | with outfits ideas

How To Style Knee-High Boots | Fall & Winter Fashion | with outfits ideas

    As a timeless winter staple, knee-high boots are a must-do investment that will probably never go out of style. Here are some ideas on how you can use them and reuse them, enjoying their versatility to their fullest!

    Since I was a little girl, new knee-high boots were the shiny beautiful symbol that the Fall/Winter season had arrived. My mom would take me to the store, and the smell of new boots instantly got me fantasizing about the million outfits I would be able to create. And the tights! Oh, the tights! 

    To my extreme happiness, knee-high boots are having a big comeback this Winter. In fact, this eternal classic has become a must-have trend this season. Like so, I want to share my favorite ways to style them. Keep reading to get some inspo on how to introduce this piece into your closet on the cold days. 

    In the end, share which piece of clothing or accessory makes you feel that Fall/Winter season has officially begun! 

    The Mini

    Talk about a classic combination! The knee-high boot and mini skirt pairing can go from preppy to seductive without losing its timeless touch. A flirty and versatile option that promises to fit every taste and sense of style. If you are looking for an outfit for a night out or simply love a powerful result, opt for a tighter fit and a heeled boot. Alternatively, channel your inner 70s muse for a trendy style. Lastly, you can always go for a sophisticated academia look by adding a blazer or a classic cardigan. Afraid of the cold? Double up on the tights for some extra protection!

    The Midi

    Keep the formula, change the length and you get another gorgeous and flexible outfit. The knee-high boot and midi skirt combination is great for creating elegant results, boho outfits, or just full-on trendy looks. Choose flowy and patterned dresses or skirts to activate your hippie fall goddess. For a refined appearance, opt for monochromatic looks with timeless and classically feminine silhouettes. On another hand, let your imagination run free with texture mixes for a cool-girl outfit. 

    The Rider

    This is an old-money aesthetic that I absolutely adore! It is truly the perfect way to feel comfortable and powerful while still remaining incredibly sophisticated-looking. Wear this look with jeans or even some black leggings for maximum comfort! Complement with a neutral cardigan or an elegant blazer to spice things up a bit. For the colder days, top it off with a classic overcoat. Want to take one step further? Add a matching baker boy hat for the full expensive countryside inspiration!

    The Soldier

    Although these are not my favorites (far from it), I do love it when someone can perfectly pull off the combat-boot style. The comfort factor is definitely a huge plus. Moreover, this piece has been a top-trend for quite a few years now. I suggest you embrace your street-style side with this one, adding hoodies, caps, and jackets. You may also create a look with masculine-inspired pieces, such as oversized blazers, for the ultimate power effect. Alternatively, break the sturdiness of the combat boots with delicate and typically feminine silhouettes. Use them with miniskirts, statement tights, and even dresses for a balanced and unexpected effect!

    The Cowgirl

    I do not know if these exactly fit the knee-high boot category, but how could I not include them? Not the most consensual piece but definitely one of the trendiest! The cowboy boots have been shining as a must-have for about two seasons and are still going strong. We were obsessed with wearing them with summer dresses. However, there are still multiple ways you can incorporate cowboy boots into your Fall and Winter closet. In fact, you can style them with pretty much anything and still achieve an effortlessly cool result. Try them with skirts, pants, and dresses - your imagination is your only limit. My personal favorite? A look inspired by an eternal fashion icon: Princess Diana. Pair your boots with mum jeans, an oversized blazer, and your favorite cap. Trust me, you will never look so cool while feeling so comfortable! 


    Is there any piece you would like to see featured on my page? Comment below if you need inspiration on how to style it!

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      These are such great styling ideas. I love wearing high boots with short dresses,  skirts, and leather pants.

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