Introduction Post: Call me Winnie!

    Hey everyone, my name is Winnifred, Winnie for short. I am an artist and writer. As a military child, I have traveled extensively around the US East Coast and Germany, learning about the history, lore, and culture of each region. Continue to read to find out a little more about the wonderful life of Winnie Tataw! My main purpose of this blog is to promote and sell my books. 

    I started to branch out into art and DIY projects, once I discovered how much I loved blogging. At first, it was rough for me because I had no clue what I was doing. But Early 2020, I decided I was going to be serious about blogging and to put in the work and time needed. And so far it has been paying off! In-between blogging, I am always writing more lines, chapters, and stories of my Gods’ Scion series. As well as reading other books from some amazing authors too. Besides fantasy and YA (young adult) I love to read and write poetry. I truly love writing and the indie author community...(click here to read more)

    Words Minimum :