It’s OK to do Nothing Every Once in a While

    I am not sure about you guys, but for me to take a whole weekend to do nothing seems almost impossible, there is always something that I need to do, travel somewhere new, travel to my hometown, write an article, something to do on the freelance job that I have or to gather the information I need for the courses I want to do. If these don’t fill out the weekend than doing the housework definitely do. Or at least this was until last weekend when I decided to do absolutely nothing.

    For a hyperactive person as me, it is important to be busy all the time, to have something on the agenda and to have the day planned. At work I like to organize what I have to do for the day and check each item as soon as it is done, I even do this with the days from the calendar. The same goes for when I am home, I like to plan the work that I need to do for freelance and then what I have to do for the blog, the at least one article per week rule. Having two cats these doesn’t allow me to postpone the cleaning day either, so that should also be on the list and since I am always saving for something (travel, house, gadgets, etc.) I need to do the cooking every once in a while as well.

    Since I work a 9 to 6 job, most of the stuff that I need to do outside work happens during the weekend. But even with the amount of work that I had pilled up, this weekend I decided it will be all to myself. Do nothing all day, enjoy the morning coffee, go out to the mall, do some shopping, eat out and then get some more coffee. And what goes perfectly with this? Well, buying some new books! Such a perfect day can only be ended with a good movie and some time spent with friends. But only to start again with doing nothing in the morning. Overall an unproductive weekend that boosted the batteries for the week to come.

    If at first, I felt guilty for doing nothing for two days, and even worst when I knew that I have stuff that requires my attention, but somehow it felt good to break the pattern every once in a while. Even if the tasks still needed to be done, the weekend manages to make me understand why it’s healthy to be lazy and how postponing work can make you more productive. Unlikely that I can have 2 weekends in a row like this, but my appetite for doing nothing increased and now I am planning my next escape from the responsible me.

    Creating a habit out of doing nothing might not be the best idea, especially if you are still young and want to get as much as possible out of your time, but neither is having your agenda full all the time. Always thought that I should wait to go on that spa to relax, but found out that I can have just as much my alone time in my own town and apartment. 

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