Journal Entry (Evolving Involves Eliminating) May 25th 2020

Journal Entry (Evolving Involves Eliminating) May 25th 2020

    Many times in our lives we go through many changes in ourselves.

    We Evolve, and Evolving involves eliminating.

    Eliminating all the bad habits we’ve grown to perfect in order to avoid conflict.

    Eliminating all the negativity from that person that you know isn’t good for you.

    Eliminating that person whom you always reach out to, but doesn’t reciprocate.

    Eliminating that person who don’t  value you, who doesn’t make you a priority and who doesn’t even understand the meaning of ‘quality time’.

    It’s time to put yourself first and ignore those who doesn’t take your feelings into consideration.

    Go where you feel happy

    Go where the mind calms you

    Go where you absolutely love to spend hours at

    Go where even by yourself, it brings you a sense of contentment.

    You deserve to be happy, in mind body & spirit.

    Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.

    Set your life on fire; seek those who FAN YOUR FLAME...

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