June - Style & Beauty Edition

    I really got inspired to link all my content in one place and also start every month edition series. A consolidated form of all the fashion, styling and beauty hacks or tips that I have shared with you guys on Instagram. This way I talk about the specific topic a bit more and provide all the links that you guys requested for.  I feel this would be not only informative but helpful to everyone. As there might be some audience who is not active on Instagram or other social media platforms. 

    The idea is to have a newsletter of a blog at the end of every month. 

    This year I feel we all will improve on our skills to be dressed at home. As I see us going nowhere except for a walk, grocery shopping and visiting nearby relatives and family. All the new purchases are either being utilised making fashion content, Tik Toks or going out on a socially distanced new world. June month was quite fashionably strong. I did invest in shopping a few basic pieces to upgrade my wardrobe. This way I don't run out of clothes when I need them (Ha Ha Ha!! Said every other girl on this planet).

    To read more and watch all the styling, fashion and beauty videos : https://www.confessionofmusings.com/post/june-style-beauty-edition

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