Hey and i am back! been working on my shop and keep sharing anyway that I can, forget that how long that I don’t have time for a movie for a reading and I miss them so much. when I start to do something new I will be so focus on it and sometimes is stressful but also learn a lot of new things. trust me small business owner is the best of the worlds! they earn a little money but they spend a lot of time for the orders, packaging, checking stock, open invoice and more. 

    when i first try for online business is was so much fun and i was just 20. i not really remember why i wanted to starter online business but on that time we got FACEBOOK account and suddenly appear on my mind that i should start selling clothes? I started looking for wholesale clothing, and I asked for the price and got the goods. I am very happy to remember that I just simply put some photos and materials, and started my small business. Under this kind of publicity, there are actually customers who come to order clothes with me! However, at the time, I only started because I thought it was fun. During that year, there were customers one after another, but then I didn’t stick to it because I had been at work for full time. I think if it is still there, I think I should be more easy to follow up now.

    Because the most important thing in online business is persistence, and I gave up because I chose a formal job. It is really the only thing I regret in my life. So now everything must start again. If you are doing online business, I hope you can persist and work hard, because no matter what, you have already started. Remember one sentence: If you want to give up, then think about why you insisted on doing a small business in the first place?

    people thought online business is easy, is just put picture online and the details yes but for long time ago that should be working but now no no no. you have to figure it out what you wanted to selling? they might can be home decor, art works, digital arts, stationery, closthes and more. once you already know which product line you wanted to selling and you have to search the wholesale for asking pricing and check the stock wheather is that look good because you know sometime picture and when you saw reality is really big diference. just like us we sell a beautiful cups and mugs when experiencing the transportation process, there will be unexpected things, that is, broken, especially cups and dishes. So you must also use a strong heart, because you also spent a lot of money but in the end it is still broken and it is impossible to send it to customers. once the stock is okay and you have to planning for the packing and design. a lot of works and is really not that simple as you think. also don’t forget to set up your website, instagram, Facebook or any social media also need to post more beautiful picture or video with the details of the product.

    my design for the thank you card

    and they are still many people asking for mooncake and I am sorry because is was finish already. 

    for small business owner is was easy way to be happy, like me received customers order and is just make me a happy day and I glad we start again and this time is a great time to start again. 


    and a little update about we don’t ship to international country yet but hopefully soon, so this here will be selling digital products like digital planner and the notion template so no matter you from we just need email to send the products to you is will be more easier and is will be paid by PayPal. for this we will be focus Malaysia and payment will be bank transfer. Thank you so much for the supporting! 

    还有一些关于我们还没有发货到国际国家的更新,但希望很快,所以这里的网站将销售数字产品,如电子手帐和notion模板,因此无论您来自那里,我们只需要通过电子邮件将产品发送给您这将会是更容易,并且将由PayPal支付。 对于我们的新网站,我们将专注于马来西亚,付款将通过银行转账。 非常感谢您的支持!

    Thank You For Reading
    Until Next Time

    Good Day
    Love, Jess

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