What have we learned after all these years of minimalism?

    What is your definition of minimalism?

    For every one of you reading this, the likelihood is, it will be different.

    And that fact, is the most marvelous thing with minimalism, because you do not need to conform to specific notions or expectations set by someone else.

    For me it’s all about finding a good balance between one's needs and wants. Working on that, is the best investment you will probably make.

    So, we have all been introduced to the general concept of minimalism for quite some time now, we have had enough time to test it out and see if it’s another trend or a lifestyle choice that’s here to stay. Minimalism spoke to me from the very start. I knew from a very early stage of my life that having less is indeed more. More important. More meaningful. More sustainable and definitely more stressless.

    After all these years of decluttering, methodizing and codifying our lives it’s pretty safe to come to a conclusion about the real value and the essence of minimalism.

    What have we learned after all these years of minimalism?

    Minimalism turned out to be a real creative boon.

    Diverse and immensely beneficial it proved to be anything but monotonous or humorless and unemotional. 

    On the contrary.

    -It taught us to value our things and be creative and expressive through a simplified lifestyle. It’s not necessarily about having less or keeping track of numbers, it’s more about prioritizing and getting to know ourselves a little bit better. What makes us happy, what can we not live without, what can we spare and how we can enrich our lives to be more content, more mindful. Nothing statutory, nothing binding.

    -It grows with you. It’s versatile and highly adjustable to each stage of our lives. Sometimes we need more to be happy, sometimes we need less. Minimalism doesn’t judge.

    -It can be as frugal as you need it to be. It does not need to be frugal at all if that’s not your thing. To me it's laid back luxury that I’m after. Plenty of room to pay attention to detail. I want to be frugal with my food. I want to be opulent with my clothes. And I found out that I can have both. In fact, being extra frugal with my food helps me be extra opulent with my clothes.

    -We can still collect. It’s not hoarding, if it makes you smile, gives you a purpose and a bunch of happy memories, there’s no reason why not. I have very, very few clothes. You’d be surprised, given that a big part of my job has to do with fashion. Another big part of my job has to do with bands, which I love and have a great bond with. So despite the fact that I chose to own a limited amount of clothes I do have a massive stash of band tees, each and every one extremely special to me, soaked in memories and mosh pit sweat. I wear them over my frocks, with my Julien MacDonald pencil skirts and heels, with my Gucci business suits… I live and breathe in my band tees and they are staying with me forever despite the fact that I’m a hardcore minimalist.

    -It gives you a sense of control. Because at the end of each day you get to decide what’s essential and what’s not, and this way you have a full control over your priorities.

    -It teaches discipline. Which toughens you up and gives you the ability to set up your own rules and standards, and live up to them. Again, it’s not restricting, it simply provides a structure, it doesn’t let you give in to things or situations that you will later regret, live, act intentionally.

    Overall, more and more people every day associate minimalism with freedom and happiness. 

    Are you one of us?

    until the next one,


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