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    If you’re looking for some room decor ideas and some great Amazon finds, then look no further! Here are some inexpensive decorative and functional items you can add to your home to enhance your space. These are just a few of my favorite items and decor pieces that I’ve added to my room so far. This post includes affiliate links. 


    I was impressed with this Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit. Ikea has become my new go to store! This shelving unit was around $70 and I bought it right after I painted my room furniture white, so I needed a new piece to add more storage options to my space. 

    Once i finished setting it up, I was able to add different variations of storage options to the cubbies. I added some drawers and fabric boxes for storage. I had purchased my white cubes from Ikea directly, but found this Beige Fabric Box Cube Set that can go well with any space or shelving unit! You can really personalize it for your needs and style. The final touch was some books, a phone charging station and my Victrola Vinyl Turntable that I added toward the top of the shelves. I was able to fit everything perfectly!


    At the top of my shelf, you can find my Pineapple Jewelry organizer. This is another favorite piece of mine in my room. I bought this piece at Charming Charlie and it was on sale for less than $10 dollars! (Charming Charlie is one of my favorite stores, but the one close to my home closed down). It’s gold, petite and a usable piece. I place my most used pieces of jewelry on it for easy access. I can no longer find this piece on Charming Charlie’s website, but was able to find this beautiful Rose Gold Cactus Jewelry Organizer on Amazon if you’re chasing a similar look.


    I’ve never owed a vanity table for makeup or a mirror of this kind, but it was time to try these out! I ordered my Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror and was blown away. It has three different light settings, so you can change it up to your desired light mode. It’s been one of my favorite purchases!


    I bought this great piece at Target for about $15 dollars. I’ve been able to write a few sweet message for the holidays on it and have been able to hang my favorite photos on there too. Recently, I’ve been adding my travel magnets onto my magnetic board so I can visually see my collection grow. This piece is versatile and petite, so it doesn’t overwhelm my space. I wasn’t able to find the same piece in Target, but found this rustic looking Magnetic Chalk Board on Amazon to decorate your home or for special occasions.


    I bought my floating Wall shelf in gold and white from Marshalls. It was the last one I could spot in the store and I knew if I didn’t’ make this purchase now, I would regret it! It was less than $20 dollars, so I was ecstatic. I found some similar pieces on Amazon including this gorgeous Modern Octagon Floating Wall Shelf. It has quite the price tag but it’s spectacular. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly piece, I found this Rustic Wood Floating Wall Shelf to add that special touch to your space.


    Here are just a few other pieces I’ve purchased that have made my room feel complete and cozy!

    Letters and Signs: I bought a miniature @ and # sign from the Dollar Tree! And you guessed it, it was just $1 dollar! What a steal. They’re surprisingly sturdy and don’t get knocked over as easily as expected. I haven’t found similar ones anywhere else, but I do see that letters and signs with lights have become the new craze. Here’s some Letter Lights and Letter Signs on Amazon that can add a unique touch to your space.

    Lamps: I purchased this Dome Collection Accent Lamp Gold from Project 62 at Target and it added that elegant touch to my room. I found a similar look with this Brushed Gold with White Shade Table Lamp on Amazon that exudes elegance.

    Knobs: After I repainted my furniture pieces, I had to change up my drawer knobs as well to elevate the look. I wanted gold touches, so I purchased these Single Hole Gold Cabinet Knobs and the rest was history. They were sturdier than expected since the pack had a fairly low price.

    Plants: Lastly, my new favorite room pieces are my plants! These little babies are from Amazon (they actually arrived in great condition). I picked some Pothos plants and Snake Plants since they’re easier to maintain. I also purchased 5.5″ White Plastic Pots to plant them in once they arrived. I’ll keep you updated with how they look in the next few weeks! I had to add Macrame Hanging Planters to my room since they’re the new craze. I bought the three pack set that included three hooks. They add such a special touch and boho style to any room. 

    There you have it! Some of my most recent fave room pieces. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, I’d love to hear it! Comment below with your thoughts.

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