Self Sabotage Warning! Get Out of Your Own Way

    Did you ever ask yourself what will happen if you are denying your problem!?

    Did you ever feel like a stranger to yourself? When you are feeling like this is not the person I am? Don't confuse that feeling with a feeling like meh, that will go away after a few hours or a day. It will follow you like a shadow that you can't ride off. Everything is starting in your head, you need to be honest with yourself.

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    This topic is very close to my heart. During my childhood, I have never fit in the boxes aka labels of society.  I have struggled a lot in the past. If you are not meat to fit in the box then don't, I needed a long time to figure that one out. The best is, to be honest, and true to yourself then you will live life with no regrets. Wondering how you will achieve that? It is quite simple when you will have time for yourself. Self-care time is one of the most important things, especially if you are the type of person who is putting yourself in the last place.

    In the video, I will give you a few suggestions on what you can do to find out, what struggles you need to work on. This is a process, do not expect to figure it out overnight. It is not a sprint it is a triathlon.

    The real price is when you are feeling good about being yourself. You don't hesitate to show and be the real you no matter what. Then, you will have the least regrets. Because you know you have stayed in being your true self.

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    • Martina F Martina F :

      Thank you Marcela for sharing this thought with us!    Actually for me the pandemic (even though it was a tragedy) gave me time to stop and really figure out what I want from myself and my life. I appreciated myself and my thoughts more and then tried to put them into action.

      3 years ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        We often forget that we need time for ourselves and sometimes it's good to stop and say I need this for myself. This pandemic has taught as a lot   

        3 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Marcela, thank you for sharing this video. First of all, the quality of your production improved so much! This is so cool!  

      And, very important topic. I love your approach of having the first 20 minutes of your day for yourself. I started doing this recently, and it is such a wonderful self-care ritual <3

      3 years ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Thank you so much, Julia! I am trying to improve everything all the time. I am very happy to see that it has noticeably improved for the better   

        Yes, without stress and put yourself first. Slowly start a day and in the same way finishing the day.

        3 years ago 
    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      The 20 mins for yourself is such a revelation to me🙈 I often feel like I’m running away from myself, I really need to try this out!! Such great advice Marcela!❤️

      3 years ago 
      • Marcela I Marcela I :

        Let me know, after a month of 20 mins for yourself if it has helped you   

        3 years ago 
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