Sensually Sexy

    Sensuality is defined as the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure and the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.

    Sexuality is defined as the quality or state of being sexual.  

    However, I am not here to school you on the definitions of these words. I would like to just share my perception of these words and what they mean to me, personally. Why should you care? I guess you don't have to. Unless of course you, like me, have contemplated what these two words have meant.

    So for a very long time (even most of my marriage) I was sexual, but not sensual, At. All.  I am not what you would call the most feminine chick; but, I am not necessarily a tomboy either, in that I am not outdoorsy or into sports. Yes, I coach soccer, but I don't play. I am not really into dresses or skirts, I cuss a lot, and I prefer to wear comfy pants with a t-shirt/sweatshirt with no bra instead of any other articles of clothing. I use the cheapest shampoo and conditioner I can find, and some time during my military career I began using old spice and other men's deodorant and shaving cream (was always Barbasol for $0.99). Aside from the occasional spritz of Victoria's Secret Love Spell; I was, and still am literally a no-frills chick. 

    I used to not shave that often (legs or bikini area), pits were always a must because the funk was mind blowing and not in a good way! Shaving my legs was 'egh' a lot of time and effort, quite frankly.  AND my bikini area, well let's just say no matter the razor (male/female) or shaving cream, I always got a really, really bad razor burn and shaving bumps… to the point where it was detrimental to my sex life; as in, I did not have sex because I was in too much pain. So I just did not shave often. Johne never cared, so it was easy to let it slide.  

    So no-frills, I proposed to JohnE because he doesn’t like public speaking and I unintentionally ruined his surprise proposal cause I am too good of an investigator. My wedding dress was literally a custom black dress with rainbow colored blocks and a sunshine embroidered on it that I ordered online for ~$150.00. JohnE wore a suit he had made in Korea. We had about 10 people in attendance in my sister's front yard in upstate NY. Our reception was also at my sister's and consisted of Wegman's cannoli and Pudgie's sheet pizza… no lie.  

    Ok so what I am about to share, you may think 'this is just a big plug for Bedroom Kandi (BK) products and yes, of course I included links throughout and below because after all I do sell the stuff, duh. But honestly, I just recently became a BK Independent Consultant in August of 2020. If I was going to sell the stuff, I at least needed to try it, right? What have I learned? Well I learned that I was 44 years old when I realized I actually LOVE feeling and making myself feel sensual. Which in turn just enhances my own sexuality and sexiness. 

    The very first product I tried was the Smooth and Soothe shave cream and I am forever hooked. I shave my bikini area EVERY time I am in the shower now and get no shave bumps or razor burn. I am also very prone to yeast infections and UTIs and have not used anything but plain Dove soap for over 20 years.

    Cue in the next product I tried, (reluctantly) was the Refresh and Renew feminine wash and was surprised because I seriously had NO ISSUES and I am also hooked. Of course they are out of stock right now, which I and many other chicks are waiting with baited breath for its return! I absolutely love how it smells, how it makes my lady bits feel and how sensual it makes me feel overall. I have learned that I love BK products and I am kind of mad at myself for waiting this long to spoil, pamper and make myself feel and be sensual. 

    I just (this week) tried the Seduce Me 'Erotic Notes' fragrance oil infused with pheromones; and let me tell you, JohnE can't keep his hands or mouth off of me… it smells SOOO good! There are so many other goodies that BK has, but that seriously was not what this blog was about. It was and is about me finally at 45 years old knowing that I love feeling sensual which makes me feel even sexier and you can't go wrong with feeling sexier… see my blog; Confidence is Sexy.  No-frills me was confident, even sexy confident; Buuuuuuuuuut sensual confident sexy me is WOW, just wow… sensually sexy! C-U next time.

    Thanks to Merriam Webster for the definitions.

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