Set a Theme for 2022

    From new year’s resolution, to goal setting and intention for the new year, I hereby recommend switching to setting themes for the year that just started.

    It might not be the 1st of the new year, we are already 2 weeks into 2022, so I am guessing some of the “great” resolutions that you knew might be impossible to keep, were dropped and now you are back to the same you new year. 

    Although I am a big fan of resolutions and goals, I know not everyone is fond of them, or even worse will be frustrated by not being able to keep them. So the lighter version is setting a theme, what is the main thing you want to accomplish by the end of the year, what do you want to change most? If you already have an answer to that, then it’s time to make that your theme. 

    For me 2022’s theme is self worth. I plan on working on this in the next 12 months because it’s that one pain point that is really stealing my energy.

    Having this is not all, I will still need to set clear objectives in order to achieve it. An important aspect is to keep your goals SMART and focused on smaller periods of time. If the overall goal is to work on this and I will only check in December 2022 there is a huge chance that it will not be achieved and turn this into a frustration. 

    Yet, there are goals or habits that you will want to keep, those that are already a routine and have proven to help on your journey. 

    My goals would be split like this:

    Short term ~ 3 months 

    • Create a habit of writing down what is draining me and what energizes me at the end of the week

    • Challenge me to take on new projects and accept the changes at work 

    • Celebrate small wins by treating myself with something small (a donut, eating in a restaurant, cinema tickets etc)

    • Challenge me to say no at least once a week 

    • One book or podcast on self worth and empowerment 

    Long term ~ 12 months (maintenance of last year’s ‘good’ habits)

    • Continue to go to therapy and work on the personal development 

    • Continue to workout 3-4 times a week and meditate

    • Continue to keep a weekly plan on what I need to accomplish this week

    All of these will be on my planner, so that I know I have committed to them. A reminder will be on my calendar, so every 3 months I will sit and reflect on how I stand on my goals, am I on the right path, what do I need to change or adapt. 

    In the last month of the year, I plan on doing a little retrospective with myself and see what I could’ve done better, maybe something more or something less. At the end of the year, I know for sure I will have at least some of the items done, and having the frequent checks, for sure there will be no surprise for me. 

    What is your theme for 2022?

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      This is a fantastic post, luliana!   I loved the idea of 'setting a theme' instead of resolutions. I'm not at all a resolution-making person, because I believe in taking one-day-at-a-time. I have my responsibilities and commitments that keeps me away from meeting my goals. But as you've mentioned in this post, I have already created short-term golas for myself to help me see where I'm going and what I wish to achieve in another 3-4 months or so! 

      Have a wonderful week ahead dear!  Best wishes and hugs   

      2 years ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Iuliana, I double Epsita! :) I love your post. First, the images are so cool! You look so good and cozy in all of them. Second, I also love the idea of setting a theme. Plus, your goals sound very motivating. Good luck. I'm off to setting my own theme! Love it    

      2 years ago 
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