Summer Story from an Island Girl!

    So it has been too long since I posted here, but after seeing the newsletter, I thought, I cannot post about Summer in Malta!  Due to the current situation, I am not travelling, but I must say that I am grateful to be living on an Island!

    Here is spent a day by the beach in a village called Marsaxlokk.  It's famous for fishing and lots of fishermen live there. You can walk and enjoy the view with lots of traditional boats and also you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants.

    This beach is called Golden Bay, well you can see why from the colour of the sand.  Lots of tourists frequent here.  You can also do some trekking which takes you to other different and amazing beaches.

    I'm also working out a lot.  I kept working out during lockdown, but now I'm appreciating the gym more than before.

    I'm trying to enjoy every minute while I can since cases are increasing again, even though with all the measures being taken! We hope for the best!

    • Lisa C Lisa C :

      Malta looks amazing! I'm curious, what does a traditional meal in Malta consist of?

      3 years ago 
      • Maria M Maria M :

        Lots of tourists visit to try the traditional dish of the Maltese Rabbit. Well, I am a vegetarian, so I am going to suggest like the Ricotta Pie, Pastizzi, Bigilla Dip. Well, there are a lot. What I can promise you, is that here the food is amazing. Maltese people love to eat... a lot! Whenever I travel I miss home for the food, because us Maltese can never stand not eating!

        3 years ago 
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