Taking Care of Two Dogs at Home

    What's it like having a dog and how does having two dogs differ from having one?

    Dogs can bring so much joy to our lives but they are a big responsibility. Dogs rely on us for every basic need - exercise, toilet training and food. And let's not forget that they're incredibly loving. 

    If you work full-time, there are extra things for you to think about before you bring home a canine companion. Are you prepared to get up an extra hour earlier to walk and feed your dog? Does your budget allow you to take on a dog sitter or dog walker? Will you have enough energy after work to walk your dog?

    The great thing about having two dogs is that there's not much extra effort on your part. Most of the main differences affect the dogs so here are some pros and cons for you to think about if you want to get your furry friend a play mate.


    If you need to leave the house, dogs feel more settled when left with each other than on their own and two dogs will happily entertain themselves by playing together (which is also a pro for you!). Puppies also learn quicker when they have an older role model to teach them the way of the world. You get double the amount of love as some dogs enjoy competing for your attention. 


    Training requires lots of concentration from a new puppy which is difficult when there is another dog in the room. If you rent where you live, landlords are less accepting of applications with two dogs rather than one. Depending on the breeds that you choose, your costs for having two dogs can increase by a lot. For example, if you have a small dog but you decide that you'd like your second dog to be bigger, the cost of looking after the second dog will more than double your outgoings on dog costs. 

    Of course, every dog is different and this can affect your experience but ultimately, you have to decide what works for you and your lifestyle. Not all dogs are bothered about having another pet in the family but some thrive on companionship. Do your research, check your finances and enjoy spending quality time with your furry friend.

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