Thanks Maple Holistics For My Silk18 Conditioner - From Me and My Hair

Thanks Maple Holistics For My Silk18 Conditioner - From Me and My Hair

    One of the COOLEST perks of doing this is the occasional opportunity to work with some really rad companies and brands to showcase their awesome products.

    I've done product reviews before on my blog, so many of you know the drill. I try and be as authentic and genuine as possible when shouting out to a company. I don’t always have nice things to say - just look at Thursday’s post. I want you all to know my honest thoughts so you can make the best judgement for yourself about what to try and buy. 

    Having that little disclaimer out of the way, let's jump right into the product for today, shall we?

    Maple Holistics is a really cool and ethical company based in New Jersey. They pride themselves on making cruelty-free products that are also bottled in recycled materials. How awesome is that? I'm always in search of new ethical brands to fill my cabinets with because every little bit helps, right? They also formulate their products naturally, which I've always been a big proponent of. I truly believe we put too many unnatural chemicals on our skin and hair. So, all-in-all, I'm a big fan of these guys. You can read all about the things their doing and read more about the different types of products you should be using for your hair and skin type on their website and blog.

    Now for the product I've had the pleasure of using for the last week and a half: their Silk18 Conditioner.

    Read all about it on my blog Espresso Myself here.

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