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    Always been a bit of a hoarder so buying and gathering all sorts of items was my thing, but in a world where we have more than enough, is it safe to keep on adding the same item over and over again? Also, why should we keep on buying cheap things instead of investing in those timeless items?

    Starting this year I decided that I want to buy items that are good investments, I want both the quality and the possibility to own them for a longer period of time since I know that for me it will be hard to let go. If you think those are unicorns, or that those costs a fortune, fear not, there are always affordable options. To demonstrate this I will show a few of the items that I have and that I am confident those will last a long time.

    My grandmother’s purple skirt

    After my grandma passed away me and my sister cleaned her closets and donated most of the stuff, yet there were a few items that I wanted to keep since they reminded me of her and also where very stylish. One of those items is a dark purple skirt with folds. I have worn it a couple of times and I plan on having it for years. The cost was 0, and even if you don’t have a grandma to take this from, I bet there are plenty of vintage places in your town, waiting for you to search for them.

    A white brocade jacket

    Speaking of vintage and second-hand shops, I recently stumbled upon a gorgeous white brocade jacket that cost me less than 10$. It was brand new and in my size, so I don’t have to make any alterations to it, it was as if it was made for me. Since I am the type of person who wears well all of her clothes and I am used to cleaning them carefully, I like to believe I will get to wear this one a long time, the only thing is that I will not be serving coffee while wearing it.

    A simple and elegant watch

    Probably one of the most important accessories, also the one that’s worth the most in investing is the watch. Whether you like the ones with the leather bracelet or the metallic ones, the important aspect is to have the highest quality. Furthermore, the brands that are mainly specialized in watches should be on your radar, rather than the ones that do it all. One of those is JacquesReboul, and their story is a touching one, their products are made in the memory of a lost friend, make sure you read it here.

    So what is it about the watch that makes it so special? Well, the answer is the simplicity and quality of the materials. For me it screams style and elegance, wearing it makes me feel like the adult woman that I am and gives me the confidence of a great piece. I’ve always thought that the accessories are the ones that are making a difference, and are worth the investment. In this case, is not even that big.

    A pink leather bag

    Sometimes I think that my aura is pink since I am so in love with this childish color, nothing wrong can happen when you are wearing pink, so I strongly believe that every woman should have that perfect, elegant pink bag, that will brighten up even the worst type of day. No, I am not talking about a pink Lady Dior or a Chanel bag, but one that is made from quality materials (in this case I vote for real or synthetic leather) and has the classic shape. My favorite bag is also the first “more expensive” one that I brought, a baby pink Ted Baker flap bag that I plan on wearing for a very long time. It’s true that I know I have to properly store it and clean it with care in order to enjoy it for many years to come.

    Tiffany silver jewelry

    When it comes to the finest jewelry everyone has to admit that the American manufacturer does it best. As a 90′ kid, always dreamed about getting one of the Return to Tiffany necklaces and when that moment came, I was the happiest person on the planet. If you think I brought one of those very expensive diamante pieces, you are so wrong, I purchased probably the cheapest item from their store, yet to me, it’s the most beautiful and precious jewelry that I have ever seen, the double heart tag pendant in the smaller size. Months later I added to it a silver bracelet from the same collection that I got it pre-loved, but I don’t encourage you to buy them like this, unless that person can prove their authenticity, like many big brands the amount of fake ones is huge.

    The perfect shape sunglasses

    Since we are in the department of accessories, there is one that I fancy the most, the sunglasses. My favorite pair is one that I got as a present and that I have for 5 years now, it’s true that I had to replaces the lenses, yet the frame made by Carolina Herrera makes me love them so much. I also have 2 other pairs, since I need them spread all around my purses for the sunny days, this is the one that I know I will hold on to the longest. In the case of sunglasses, I will always advise you to get not only the pretty frames but the quality lenses since those will make a HUGE difference for your eyes and the best place to get them from is a specialized shop, you will thank me later.

    Quality one-piece swimsuit

    Having a passion for swimming, I know that investing in a quality one-piece swimsuit will take me a long way. That is why I went to one of Romania’s biggest manufactures Triumph and I got the colorful item that I have been wearing, both at the swimming pool and at the beach in the last 3 years. It cost me less than 50$, yet it already lasted this long and it doesn’t show any signs of needing a replacement. If in the case of the 2 piece swimsuit the fashion will change pretty often, in the one-piece case, going for a quality one will make a big difference.

    Like many of you out there, I am still learning how to spot the timeless and quality items, sometimes I fail, sometimes I win by mistake, and often I regret not starting this earlier since it’s a process that takes time. I hope by the time I am 40, I will have that perfect wardrobe filled only with quality items that will last for years and not the fast fashion kind that it spread all around the world. The change will never be easy, but I think we are in that place where we need to think about the future, ours and our planets and how we can become better versions of ourselves.

    What are your timeless pieces and how did you stumble upon yours?

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