Weekly Spiritual Guidance Blog 11/09/2020 to 18/09/2020

Weekly  Spiritual Guidance Blog 11/09/2020 to 18/09/2020

    Evening all... 

    Better late then never but today's weekly guidance is a little later than normal.

     I'm in my home office ready to channel your weekly messages and guidance. 

    lets get the legalities out the way ..

    All my spiritual guidance posts are for entertainment purpose only.

    All weekly guidance posts contain general messages and guidance for all signs and elements.

    I hope you enjoy but take what resonates and leave the rest.

    Weekly Vision Message

    I'm on a roller coaster I'm approaching the lift hill its dark, I can see the fairground lights in the distance.

    I can feel the breeze on my face I can't hear anything but my own heart beating and the mechanics of the train , the feeling of apprehension and fear of what's to come the unknown is rippling through me , my brain is telling me to get off but my heart's telling me to take the leap of faith be spontaneous. 

    Just as the train is about to go over the edge the vision fades.

    Within this Vision I have come to a understanding that some of you must come to a decision do you stay with what's safe and known or do you take a leap of faith and ride the rollercoaster we call life , I also believe its an understanding of oneself the desire to live life and not to just exist.

    Feeling stuck in a situation is taking its toll on you and i feel you maybe staying put because of fear of hurting others by meeting your desire.

    1st Card 


    Three Of Pentacles 

    The Three of Pentacles in Tarot stands for teamwork, planning, and competence. 

    The Three of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is about overcoming the impossible.

    The three of pentacles means you will be successful if you let others help you achieve your goals. 

    You don't have to do it all by yourself. In fact, to succeed, you need to work with a team toward a common goal.

    This is not the time to rush into anything.

     You need to plan and prepare and think through the various possibilities.

    2nd Card

    The Six of Swords 

    The Six of Swords in Tarot stands for the blues, recovery, and travel.

     It represents pushing through a rough sea to reach calmer waters.

    The Six of Swords can mean that you might be in a bad place right now, but you are moving toward something better.

    Things might have been difficult, sad, or depressing, but you are moving to a more positive place and more hopeful conditions.

    The appearance of the Six of Swords may also indicate recovery, especially if you have experienced rough times.

    In troubled times, nothing matters at all. You just feel numb and disconnected.

    As times goes by, you begin to pick up the pieces of your life as you begin to recover. At times, recovery may mean moving to new places. 

    The Six of Swords card also represents travel and moving to new places.

    This would normally mean a physical relocation, but this may be far from the truth.

    The travel or move could indicate an inner journey, a journey from one frame of mind to another.

    3rd Card 


    The Temperance can be difficult to interpret, but in general it's about the blending of opposites and the achieving of synthesis.

    Its also the Sagittarius card in the tarot deck so listen out if your a Sagittarius.

    This card is all about harmony, peace, and patience.

     it symbolizes moderation, temperance, patience, harmony, fusion, good influence, and confidence.

    This card can also be a warning to temper your behaviour and a reminder that

     irreconcilable opposites can be reconciled.

    You are truly connected to what makes a good life, and you are living it.

    You have a strict moral code, and you will work hard to reach your goals, whatever they might be.

    But don't be to stubborn Sagittarius you might loose out on something that's truly going to make you happy.

    4th Card 

    Three of Cups 

    The Three of Cups in Tarot stands for exuberance, friendship, and community.

    The Three of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading is coming together in love


    It comes from the viewpoint of emotions, such as feelings you have when joining with others, whether that's a friendship or a community.

    It signifies feelings around friendship.

    It represents community and the network created when we interact with others.

    You may find you have a lot of parties and celebrations on your calendar for the future.

    Lots of making up for lost time.

    It may also mean time to examine your attachments from an emotional point of view.

    The card may also represent all types of support, including giving and receiving help.

    5th Card

    Queen Of Pentacles

    The Queen of Pentacles stands for nurturing, bigheartedness, resourcefulness, and trustworthiness.

    The Queen of Pentacles meaning in Tarot is that something needs to be done, and she's here to help make it happen.

    Her personality is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the inward focus of a Queen.

    She is warm and generous, and she takes great pleasure in caring for and nurturing others. Sensible and practical, she ensures everyone is happy and secure.

    The Queen of Pentacles is always ready to calm your fears and share all your troubles.

    Queen of Pentacles means you think as she does.

    You feel warm and caring toward others.

    You are sensible in your approach. You are true to your word. You're highly generous, and best of all, you can be trusted when the chips are down.

    By drawing the Queen of Pentacles card, you can be inspired by the atmosphere of warmth, trust, security, and whatever else the Queen stands for, including her special energy.

    One for our fellow earth signs Taurus , Virgo or Capricorn the significant link between all earth signs and one fire sign here so you maybe dealing with either a fire sign or earth sign when linking the Queen of Pentacle's and the Temperance.

    6th Card 

    Knight Of Cups

    The Knight of Cups in stands for being romantic, imaginative, and sensitive.

    The Knight of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading can also be somewhat moody and temperamental, but also a thing of great beauty, both the creation of beautiful things and the appreciation of them.

    It is charm, affection, and big, big emotions.

    With the Knight of Cups you need to check whether the energy of the Knight is helpful to you or not.

    Is your home life full of emotions, or is it ruled by common sense? You need to check your feelings. 

    Are they excessive or appropriate? Are you being driven crazy by someone's moodiness? If this style of the Knight is evident, it might be time for a change, a time for balance.

    If the style and energy of the Knight are missing, you may need to try something else. Express yourself instead of being restrained.

    Try being extravagant instead of being practical.

    Visit the Knight's world of romance and beauty.

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