What Are the Differences Between Stripping and Burlesque?

What Are the Differences Between Stripping and Burlesque?

    Suppose you are unsure about the differences between stripping and burlesque. In that case, it is in your best interest to clear up any confusion before indulging in either one. If you attend a burlesque show with the intent of receiving a hot sexy lap dance, you are in for a world of disappointment, confusion, and possibly security guards.

    Conversely, if you show up to a strip club expecting to be engaged with a comedic performance, you might be let down by the absence of humorous antics. As a general rule of thumb, laughing is not the ideal response to someone taking their clothes off. If the nudity involved in each of these performance arts has you feeling conflicted, check out the explanations below for some clarity.

    What is a burlesque show?

    Burlesque is a performance art that may involve literary work, comedy, music, or drama. The name "burlesque" is derived from the Italian word "burla," meaning a joke or a mockery. Burlesque shows often involve some amount of strip teasing or nudity, which causes them to be associated with strip clubs. The difference between stripping and burlesque lies in the theatrics. Burlesque typically focuses on intentionally ridiculous, over-the-top demonstrations. Here are a few things you may find in a burlesque performance:

    • Comedy and Satire
    • Acrobatics
    • Musical performances
    • Sketches
    • Exotic dancing

    What is stripping?

    Stripping has many other names. You may have heard it being referred to as exotic dancing, adult entertainment, or just dancing. There are various types of strip clubs, all of which may employ different types of dancers. Not all strippers are comfortable being fully nude, and some jurisdictions may even prohibit strip clubs from allowing it. The rules and regulations surrounding strip clubs vary from state to state and even county to county. There are a few primary types of stripping:

    • Topless: As the name suggests, topless dancers may perform stripteases or dance without their tops on, while their private parts remain covered.
    • Bikini: Bikini dancers usually perform without fully revealing the upper and lower body parts that are typically covered by a bikini.
    • Nude: These types of dancers work fully naked for at least a part of their show, depending on preference and jurisdictional regulations. Nude strip clubs are banned in some places.

    Are strippers sex workers?

    Exotic dancers are not synonymous with porn stars or sex workers. Each person is different, and not all strippers are comfortable with or willing to work under certain conditions. Most strip clubs prohibit customers from touching the dancers. Nonetheless, just like virtually any other environment in the world, you must ask for consent before physically interacting with another person.

    Should I go to a burlesque show or a strip club?

    Whether you attend a strip club, burlesque show, or both is left up to your own devices. The best way to ensure you have a great time is simply to know what to expect. For example, if you are considering taking your friends to a burlesque show, make sure no one starts throwing money at the performers. On the other hand, make sure your friends know not to ask the dancers if they are "doing a bit" should they offer a lap dance in the VIP section.

    No matter which venue you decide to go to, you are in for an eventful evening. Both strippers and burlesque performers are talented in their own ways. Exotic dancers require a ton of upper body strength and often do daring stunts involving suspending themselves from a pole. Burlesque dancers effortlessly tie theatrics and sex appeal together for an experience you aren't likely to forget.

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