What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

    Feeling happy is no doubt an inside job. Each time we realize this, we can become more and more happier. To me happiness means being content. It is living in the moment fully and accepting everything that is happening in my life- without any kind of comparisons. It is definitely not the absence of fear, anger, or, sufferings; but rather more openly accepting (all) not so likable parts of my life. 

    From experience I've come to realize that true happiness cannot be found without gratefulness! We all possess the map to happiness. A little gratitude in real life can take us to different places; to experience magic and wonderfulness. 

    "After many years of experiment on my own 'happiness project,' I realized that focusing on my blessings made me happy-in a real way!" Focusing on our blessings definitely allow us to celebrate the present moment and help us to focus our attention on the good than bad. 

    Do you think, happiness means finding joy in everything- right at this moment? Find out more here 

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