Reasons Why Women Love To Shop: Fun, Emotions, and Simple Psychology

Reasons Why Women Love To Shop: Fun, Emotions, and Simple Psychology

    Ever wondered why women tend to love shopping so much? And what drives them to spend so much and to hoard more and more even after their wardrobe seems to be overflowing? In this post, I want to share some simple fun, and emotional psychology behind, "why women love to shop?"  

    But before I start, let me first tell you that, "I'm no different!" But I tried studying the reasons, the emotions, those unspoken feelings that has made me a shopaholic. And I assume, my women friends all-over-the-world would connect to these reasons, to my findings?

     Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

    Women and shopping are inseparable. In a way; shopping happens to be a woman's 'best friend' in her good days as well as in her bad days. Either it is a style matter or just for pleasure; but most of the time, it is connected to some kind of emotions. Emotions that run high-or-low; and make a woman run after spending. Lately, "I read an article about 'emotional spending'; and I was not surprised to know the facts (though it was more about the psychological and medical conditions behind emotional spending)." But if you really sit alone and think about it; I am sure, as an woman we will find so many reasons that will explain certain emotions, that drive us to go shopping!

    Please Note: This article is not intended to describe any medical conditions; nor the intention is to hurt any woman's feelings; rather a light-hearted write-up to touch certain areas of emotions- in a woman. 

    "I have also mentioned in many of my articles that, shopping happens to be my favorite mood-lifter; and or can be yours too!" No harm in treating yourself quite often. Isn't it? We all have certain desires and needs-that pushes us to go and buy something for ourselves. Sometimes latest fashion trends attract women to go shopping; and sometimes the building-up worries and frustrations in life. Many times, purchasing the 'best' and 'unique' things for oneself; usually has its roots in the early childhood experiences. A reminder of certain unfulfilled demands and wishes; that eloped and re-appeared in our late years!

    When we are kids, or in our teenage years- we develop so many dreams; and gradually as we begin to grow, our dreams look too-difficult-to-be-true!

    These are few of the reasons I feel, are associated with the shopping habits of women:

    1. To keep up with the latest fashion and styles.
    2. To meet some unfulfilled desires.
    3. To look their best- no matter where and with whom they are!
    4. To take the superior stance- Until men and women are on a level playing field in terms of rights, income and, leadership; some differences that pop-up every now and then in our society will continue, and the struggle to take-on certain responsibilities that will look and feel women-driven will continue raising it's voice to take the feminist stance!  And this is one of the important reasons, women like to shop more than men!
    5. To feel in control of power- Shopping is a liberating process to attend and act towards a woman's desire and wishlist. They feel empowered to meet their demands and desires by purchasing what they want! "It feels so liberating to buy yourself what you want, and when you want it!"
    6. Women bond strongly when they shop together!
    7. Shopping happens to be one of the best, and most-favorite self-care rituals for a woman.
    8. Women like to grab the best deals, and to later show it off to others!
    9. Women are usually assigned [by the society] with the task of taking care of the family, while men go out to work. To break themselves free from this monotony, women go out for shopping. They find shopping to be the best reason to go out of their houses and socialize with others.  
    10. When women know what they want and why they want to buy the goods they wish and desire; they feel more balanced and in control of their lives; which actually helps in reducing their stress!
    11. Women are now breaking free from their gender roles, and finding easy ways to shop, learn, and to grow personally and professionally! They are taking equal responsibilities in creating a better life for themselves and for their family. And that's why they are comfortable with both; shopping at stores or online.

    We go through numerous emotions, and find it difficult to control or even understand when we are in our early ages; but things get clear and more easy to understand, as we grow up. But I will still say,"shopping for yourself is always the best thing you can do. The best treatment, as every girl and woman deserves to look their best; and feel good at the end-of-the-day." Just that don't get emotionally controlled by spending and shopping too much; but definitely yes; if you can financially-go for shopping; and get the BEST for yourself, as we all know how much women love shopping no matter what! 

    Have A Lovely Shopaholic Week Ahead Lovelies! ;):);P

    Main Image Credit: Ussama Azam on Unsplash 

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