Year Long Writing Project

    Hey ladies!!🌹

     I know it has been a long time since I have written on the platform and its all because my family is taking the next step and we are selling our home and buying a bigger home. We have had mixed emotions these last couple months so we hope to be moving in the next 3 weeks. 

    Any way so I wanted to let you ladies know what I have been working on this past year! I found this challenge for my blog on my Pinterest account and shared it on my Twitter so that other writers could participate. It is called the 52-week challenge. Every week you get a different question or prompt and what it does it that it helps your readers get to know you. Right now, I am currently on week 43 and have 9 more weeks to go! Check out week 43 My Bad Habits

    Check out my post every Wednesday at 8am eastern, (tomorrow actually) to read my new blog post-My Favorite Snacks

    These are the posts for the coming weeks....stay tuned!! Follow MMMoffamilyentertainment.com

    Getting to the end of this was hard work but it was worth it😃Join in on this challenge...it was so much fun to do!!

    For next year, I am also going to be incorporating a way for authors and readers to get good books that are on sale or will be going on sale. It will be called The Blogger BookStore. I am currently writing my first book and am looking to promote others for free who are going down the same path or have already been established. If you are currently writing a book, have a book or know someone who would love the reviews and support, follow me on Twitter below👇 and leave your links in my pinned tweet!! I have gotten great responses and look forward to starting these blog post in the New Year 2021🎉

    Happy Writing!⌨

    Have a great week!!🙂

    Words Minimum :