Your Necessary Glampacker Travel Guide

    Glampacking is the new trend of backpacking in a more glamorous way, and it is mainly popular in the blogging world! To travel the world, you don’t necessarily have to carry a huge backpack, wear sports shoes, and baggy clothes! If you are planning to visit different cities, your floral dress and comfy ballerinas can be a good idea as well, not to mention you will definitely have more Instagram-worthy material!   

    Backpacking vs Glampacking

    Before we continue, what actually is the difference between backpackers and glampackers? 

    Backpackers usually look for low-cost, independent travel, and generally do not have an exact plan of their journey. They mostly prefer public transport and cheap, or free accommodations as CouchSurfing.  Glampackers, on the other side, have a higher budget and they are trying to keep their travels as glamorous as possible! Although bringing five suitcases of fancy dresses is unnecessary, picking a few classy items which are easy to combine can help you look and feel great, but also help you avoid the typical tourist look! Climbing a mountain in ballerina shoes is not an easy mission, but do not worry about that, as glampackers travel to fancier locations as well! Check out this travel guide for glam location inspirations and outfits!



    Best months to visit: April and October, as there are fewer tourists and the weather is enjoyable

    Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is one of the hottest European glam destinations! Once you’re there, you can wear your fancy dress, drink some delicious champagne, and perhaps even cross the paths with a movie star! During the day, you can enjoy Monaco’s most famous Larvotto Beach! It is free to the public, and you will find all age ranges there. Located just a short walk from Monte Carlo, it is ideal for long beach walks or even a nice swim! You can also enjoy some delicious food in Rose des Vents, or have a Mojito in La Note Bleue. At night -time, the bar turns into a gig scene, so check the programme of events here.  Here are some outfit inspirations for Larvotto Beach!

    Palm Springs Sporty Bikini by Marysia Swim, for $170.00


    Long White Lace Kimono by Nudewear for $164.00

    Casinos in Monaco have been part of the city’s history since 1863! When in Monaco, visiting the Monte Carlo Casino is a must! The Monte Carlo Casino actually is a complex of a casino, the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo!

    Whether to play a round, or just get the vibe of it, check the list of the different casinos offered. If, however, you’re more into ballet, you can find the full program of shows here. 

    For a night out in Monaco, you can feel like a famous movie star, and a good outfit is indeed necessary! A little black dress is a woman’s best friend, and you can’t go wrong for this occasion.

    These are my favorite options:

    Blazer Dress in Black by BCB Generation, for $146.00

    Aurora Dress by LPA for $173.00

    Check more places you should visit in Monaco here! 

    Bora Bora 

    Best months to visit: November and April, to avoid heavy rain falls 

    White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and untouched nature – yes, I am talking about Bora Bora! Located in French Polynesia, it is one of the most popular glamorous destinations as it allows you to fully relax in the luxury style! Once you’re there, organize your days to get the most out of it! Checking out the Coral Gardens in Bora Bora is a great idea as you will never forget these beautiful sights of nature! The corals are not far from the water surface, so snorkeling is fun and easy.  As resorts own most of the beaches in Bora, it might be challenging to reach the corals. Still, a lot of companies offer boat tours and scuba diving excursions for snorkeling and shark feeding. Find more info about the excursions here. 

    Most visitors say that a trip to Bora Bora isn’t complete if you don’t climb Mount Otemanu, the breathtaking mountain! It is in the center of the island and rising to around 2,400 feet, it is an ideal adventure for adrenaline seekers.


    If, however, you’re not so much into hiking, you can enjoy the views also by taking a boat tour. If you opt for hiking, you need good shoes! My favorite ones are: Danner Cascade Mountain Hiker boots for $348.00


    Best months to visit: May to October, as it has the sunniest days 


    This beautiful Greek gem is quite affordable for most people and it should definitely be on your bucket list! There are plenty of activities you can do here, but the one wine lovers will definitely enjoy the most is doing the 18 Wine Flight Tasting! At Santo Winery, you can learn more about the Greek wine culture, taste eighteen different sorts of wine and enjoy some delicious cheese. Not to mention the beautiful Santorini Sunset! To find other guided wine tours, check here. 

    For this occasion, a nice flower dress is a great idea, and these are my favorite romantic looks:

    Off Shoulder Short Dress by Rococo Sand, for $300.00

    Paturage Dress by Mes Mademoiselles, for $197.00

    Another great idea, especially if you’re visiting Santorini with your partner, is taking The Santorini Catamaran Red Cruise with Meal & Drinks! You can sail along the coast of Santorini while enjoying a delicious barbecue! If you’re up for some action, you can also take a swim and go snorkeling when the cruise sails near a volcano! This 5-hour sunset cruise is a great way to spend a romantic evening, and the price starts at 95.00 euros per person. No matter the time of the day, I always have a nice pair of sunglasses with me, and to protect you from the evening sun, check these cool shades: 

    Oversized cat-eye sunglasses by Miu Miu, for $235

    Cat Glasses by Vogue, for $99

    So, are you ready for your next glampacker trip? These three destinations are my favorites, and I would definitely recommend them to both glampackers and backpackers! By now, you probably have already chosen your favorite destination, so don't wait to book your flight, it is time for an adventure! 



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