Your Zodiac Sign As A Winter Piece | Discover Your Season Staple

Your Zodiac Sign As A Winter Piece | Discover Your Season Staple

    Full disclosure, I am not a professional or even semi-professional astrologist. I’m that girl that you just met, who asks you for your zodiac sign and replies with an enigmatic and slightly concerning facial expression. That being said, here are the Winter Fashion Staples I associate with each Zodiac Sign!

    Aries | Leather Overcoat
    March 21–April 19

    Aries are definitely the little fireballs of the zodiac. Fearless, independent, and a tiny (a lot) temperamental, they are always striving to get out of their comfort zone. For such a bold zodiac sign, nothing less than a statement piece. The Leather Overcoat is stylish with a dash of dangerousness, which means Aries perfection. 

    Taurus | Beanie 
    April 20–May 20

    I don’t know if it is just me but Taurus instantly reminds me of warm fuzzy love and grounding security. I know they can also be quite stubborn, but I can’t help to associate them with this reliable nature lover filled with good intentions. This is the kind of person that keeps you comfortable and protected, just like a cute beanie. 

    Gemini | Combat Boots 
    May 21–June 21

    Don’t we all love and fear a good old Gemini? This zodiac sign is the perfect blend of passion, craziness and the dash of fun we all need in our lives. To match this strong and disruptive personality an equally sturdy staple. 

    Cancer | Puff Jacket 
    June 22–July 22

    My sister is a Cancer and the live personification of a Puff Jacket: resilient and robust but incredibly fluffy at the same time. It is somewhat enigmatic how Cancers can be extremely calm and emotional at the same time. Therefore, the Puff Jacket, a piece that endures the coldest days but is also a soft mush of warmth. 

    Leo | Faux Fur Coat
    July 23–August 22

    This one is pretty obvious, no? Bold, powerful and charismatic, every Leo should have a Faux Fur Coat on their wardrobe (emphasis on the faux). Is hard to find a piece that matches such an outgoing personality without stepping into the tacky side. However, the fur coat is the rockstar-girlfriend of the winter clothes!

    Virgo | Trench Coat
    August 23–September 22

    The Virgo is elegant, the Virgo is smart, the Virgo is a true icon. Some might call it a know-it-all but that’s only because they seem to actually know it all. For such a sassy zodiac sign, a classic staple like the Trench Coat. 

    Libra | Fashionable Tights 
    September 23–October 23

    Now we get to the queens of the aesthetic and, consequently, fashion. Libras are all about harmony and beauty. A pair of fashionable tights allows them to showcase their most flirtatious side while still being on trend. 

    Scorpius | Retro Platform Boots
    October 24–November 21

    In addition to being iconic, timeless and a little misunderstood, Scorpio is above anything else a badass. Scorpio is the zodiac sign we all love to criticize but secretly aspire to be. So, I picked these amazing retro boots that we all love but only a few can truly pull off.

    Sagittarius | Flare Jeans
    November 22–December 21

    For me, Sagittarius is synonymous with coolness. Popular, sociable and loving, they deserved an equally alluring piece of clothing. The flare jeans are having a monumental comeback but truth is told, they were always a staple and symbol of cooler times.

    Capricorn | Turtleneck 
    December 22–January 19

    Capricorns are simply the boss. Determined, demanding and challenging, you can choose to be intimidated or inspired. I prefer the lather. Some state that Capricorns are a tad conservatives, but we can look at it as a preference for the classics. Could anything fit that description better than a turtleneck? 

    Aquarius | Knit Vests
    January 20–February 18

    I believe that Aquarius take the prize for the most random but also fun zodiac sign. These guys just seem to love a good laugh and stuff that nobody understands. Plus, they are incredibly smart. A colorful knit vest checks all of these boxes!

    Pisces | Scarf
    February 19–March 20

    If you don’t have a Pisces best friend, go get yourself one right this instant. They are kind, creative and very intuitive. Being friends with one is like being enveloped in a warm scarf on the coldest day of winter. 

    • Julia M Julia M :

      Omg! This is so accurate! My mom is an Aquarius, and yesterday she was wearing a knit vest. I'm a Pisces and I am wearing a massive fluffy bright green scarf! Haha  

      5 months ago 
      • Inês A Inês A :

        that is actually a level of accuracy I did not expect hahahaha

        5 months ago 
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