Fashion Wish List - Summer Edition

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Fashion Wish List - Summer Edition

    Hello! Hope everyone is doing okay! Today I'm gonna be sharing with you my fashion wish list. I would say this wish list is summer inspired! Most of these items I have wanted for a while and hopefully soon I will be able to buy them. I haven't included the images for copyright reasons but if you want to see the items, I have attached links to all of the items I am going to talk about (they are not affiliate links). Leave a comment with your wish list and let me know if you want to see another one of these blog posts!

    Black denim jacket


    I already have a blue denim jacket but it’s quite small on me now and I feel like a black denim jacket will go with more outfits. I like this one in particular because it’s not too cropped and it’s pretty affordable compared to other ones I have seen online.

    AX Paris Red Frill Hem Bodycon Dress


    I have wanted a red dress for a while because they look so nice. I love wearing red t-shirts so this would be really good. Red dresses are bold which I like and this dress is so pretty. The frills at the the bottom are so cute! Also when it comes to dresses, I prefer them to be fitting rather than loose so this is good for that.

    Vans Style 36 Trainers Black Multi Marshmallow Embroidery


    I really want these shoes because they are so cool! I love how there are bright colours on the shoes but they aren’t too noticeable. It makes them unique and different from all of my other shoes. The embroidery detail is so nice because it makes the shoes look more fashionable.

    Puff Sleeve Oriental Floral Playsuit


    I love wearing playsuits in the summer especially on holiday. What I like a lot about this playsuit is the basic black and white and then on top the pink flowers which look so cute. I already have a jumpsuit from boohoo and that one is really good quality so that’s why I looked on boohoo for playsuits.

    ASOS DESIGN Denim Mid Rise Relaxed Ripped Shorts in Grey


    These shorts are so cool because they are quite different to what I have seen on other stores. The colour is really nice and I like how they are not too ripped. They seem to be not too short which is good. Again, I feel like these will go with a lot of outfits. I also love the rose gold detailing on the buttons!

    Puma Tight Crop T-shirt in Lilac


    I love this t-shirt so much. Recently, I have been obsessed with crop tops so this definitely fits that category and also the colour of it is so pretty. I used to have a lilac t-shirt which I really liked but unfortunately I spilled nail polish on it and it didn't come out of the top. I also love the extra detailing on the sleeves as it makes it look even better!

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