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    I thought it would be fun to share some tips on how to shoot the best flat lay pictures. I think it’s a clear and fun way to show the cutest accessoires or the most delicious food. So here are #5 tips.

    #1 Prepping the props

    First up is preparation time! I usually have an item in mind that I want to highlight. To make sure the flat lay picture becomes a stunning piece of art I make sure to find the best matching props. 

    For example, if the main item is a lilac dress I’ll combine it with cute socks, a matching t-shirt (probably just for the color) and some accessories. It doesn’t have to be a complete look, that’s why the matching colored t-shirt. 

    And what is also a good way to prepare a stunning flat lay picture is to look at fabrics or patterns. It’s fun to play around with stripes, dots and other patterns to make a flat lay picture more interesting.

    Lilac flat lay
    Lilac love

    #2 Compose your shot

    Now it’s time to assemble your items. Think about the theme you have in mind and just go from here. Make sure you use a flat underground so you can assemble your props in the best way possible. I usually lay down the main item first, followed by the matching props like earrings or a bag. You can play with different angles and change the way you styled your pieces to find that perfect shot. Try to shoot with natural light to get the best looking flat lay. It can take a while to make a stunning flat lay, but I never really care because I think it’s so much fun to create these kind of pictures.

    #3 Birds-eye view

    A good flat lay picture is made from above. From now on you will never forget the birds-eye view if you’re thinking about shooting a flat lay picture. Use a chair or a ladder to fly high enough so you can shoot those gorgeous looking pieces. You can play around with the angles to find that perfect shot. For example, if you’re shooting a messy but gorgeous looking dinner table, you can change the position of your camera a bit to get a more interesting vibe. Take a look at these food flat lay pictures.

    Want to read more? Read the last two tips right here.

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