5 Unusual & Non-Cheesy Halloween Costumes for Women

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5 Unusual & Non-Cheesy Halloween Costumes for Women

    Halloween is approaching and if you (same as me) still don't know what to wear, here's a cool collection of easy to make costumes. To be honest, I'm quite sick of seeing all the same costumes every year: Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Widow, etc. Last year I chose an "intellectual" costume and dressed like Frida Kahlo. Funny thing, most of the people did not know her. This year, I decided to go for something cool and still unusual, and here's my selection of costumes, which might inspire you too. All the looks are quite new on the market and might not be known by everyone, yet the characters are quite cool and inspiring as well. Enjoy!

    Eleven from Stranger Things

    Eleven is a superwoman of the current generation. She's strong, inspiring, and unique. Her looks have been used for a few years already, yet there are still a lot of outfits to try. During the three seasons, she changed drastically: you can choose the baby El from the first season, punk woman from the second one, and a teenage girl in the 80s from the third season. This is my favorite look, to be honest, and I will probably go for the punk El. And, don't forget the dripping blood!

    Zendaya from Euphoria

    Zendaya might not be your role model, yet she's beautiful and quite popular this year due to the launch of Euphoria. Everyone's obsessed with this series now, yet I'm obsessed with her makeup. Easy to make: just curl your hair and pur some glitter on your cheeks (right below your eyes). Clothing is less relevant, yet scroll through Pinterest for some inspiration. This is a brand new & beautiful Halloween outfit.

    Ashley O from Black Mirror

    I must've told you already that Black Mirror is my favorite series EVER! The last episode of the 5th season was starring Miley Cirus. It was a cute episode in my opinion, much lighter, yet more rememberable than the other ones. I find Ashley's outfit quite recognizable, meaningful, and fun. You can buy white basics and a pink wig, or find a full set on the website like Amazon (let's pray for Prime!). 

    Billie Eilish

    You must've heard about Billie Eilish this year, she became a superstar after recording her tracks with her brother. Her looks are quite bold and bright. You can choose monochrome looks or go for the bright looks. All you need to do is buy a green spray hair and some white contact lenses. Cool!

    Elizabeth from The American Horror Story

    To be honest with you, I haven't watched the American Horror Story. Generally, I don't like such types of movies/series. Yet, Lady Gaga looks extremely amazing in this series. This ash blonde hair, red lips, and blood on the neck are the perfect combination for this Halloween.

    I hope you enjoyed this selection and maybe chose a look for your Halloween party. If you do so, feel free to share with me in the comments, I would love to see it!

    Enjoy this Halloween and talk to you soon!

    Xo, Juls

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