90s beret dream

    First post with analog photos and another 90s look

    I didn’t think much about my outfit. This idea came really randomly. I just wanted to create a juxtaposition of items, which are chic, feminine and rock, tomboy on the other side. In my opinion, this idea comes true combining a beret with a leather jacket and an asymmetric crop top with wide-leg trousers.
    The piece of clothes which makes me the happiest is the new beret by a Czech label Tonak. Most people think that buying clothes by local labels is enormously expensive in comparison with chain stores, but that isn’t true for everything. For example, this beret costs 15 dollars, and the similar one in my favorite Bershka costs 12 dollars, but the quality is incomparable.

    More pictures and information on my blog: http://madlenonly.com/2018/05/31/fashion-editorial-90s-beret-dream/


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