Autumn Outfits - The Best Way of Wearing a Long Shirt

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Autumn Outfits - The Best Way of Wearing a Long Shirt

    Hello there my lovelies,

    You might think that this grey sky shows no mercy to our outfits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull off amazing clothes, just like we did last season. I had a bit of a rough time adapting to the season, but after all, I’m happy that I have autumnal items to play with. With that being said, right now we’re styling a super easy to wear cocktail shirt
    that you can wear in the evenings.

    I’ve been on the Madison house rooftop with my boyfriend and a couple of  good friends on a really sunny October evening. Champagne and funky music were calling my name while I was dancing on the terrace. We had such a great time that I now call it my favourite place in London.

    Upgrading your Autumn Outfits in 2019

    Shoot in that exclusive location, today’s outfit has one special item that I was looking for since a while now. It’s that one thing we all need in our closet, but I just didn’t find the right one: a long shirt. You probably have a rough idea that I’m a big fan of shirts – any shape or length…even better if the shirt is white. What you don’t know is that I also love feathers. So, what happens if I find these two elements in one item? Exactly! Nirvana!

    The best way of wearing the long shirt (the trick you need to know)

    You’ll find that the best ways of wearing a long shirt is belted. I mean, long shirts are quite loose and of course as longs as I don’t expect them to be body con, I at least want them to look a bit more body hugging. I find long shirts to have an irregular shape that doesn’t look that great without the belt that adds dimension to your body. Search for a medium wide waist belt and get ready to sip on that cocktail with your girlfriends.

    What I love about this outfit, is that you can wear any shoes with it. I mean any of these will look amazing: boots, knee-high boots, heeled boots, stilettos, wedges. I would recommend to select your shoes depending on the location you will choose for going out. If you go to a nice rooftop bar, you want to choose the boots or stilettos and leave
    your Creepers for going out in Camden. You certainly get my drift here, right? From my point of view, shoes can change an outfit so much!

    Keeping warm: You can certainly add a nude trench coat on top of it in case it’s a bit cold.

    When it comes to your hair, considering that the outfit is quite boy-ish, I would totally go for curls. I like keeping my hair wavy – I love that effortless waves that shout ‘I woke up like this’.

    I am wearing:

    Long Shirt by Besiva

    Shoes by Zara

    Bag by Ralph Lauren

    Sunnies by Ray Ban

    You’re now set for your perfect night out with your girls! Thank you for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got you looking for a long shirt to add to your closet. What’s your favourite piece to style this season?


    Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

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