Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

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Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

    Wearing white after Labor Day has been seen as a fashion faux pas since the 19th century. Way back then, white was seen as a look of leisure or vacation-wear, and quite honestly a way to separate elitist with money from everyone else.  So, now the question is, does this old school rule still hold up? 


    Well, rules are meant to be broken, especially ones that have to do with fashion. September and October don’t offer much in the way of cooler temperatures or fall-like weather (HELLO, is was 90º on October 1st), so it makes perfect sense we aren’t ready to put away our summer wardrobe just yet. The thought of wearing anything heavier than shorts and a t-shirt sounds like a heatstroke in the making!

    Personally, I couldn’t give two cares whether wearing white after Labor Day it’s a faux pas or not. White is one of my favorite colors to wear no matter the season. I have more white sweaters in my closet than anything else; just ask Matt because he always makes fun of me. In all honesty, my mentality has always been to wear whatever I feel comfortable and confident wearing. As long as I adhere to the demands of the weather or the dress code for where I am, I’m good to go! 



    I am in love with this super affordable skirt from Amazon. It is the perfect piece for this weird in-between- seasons weather we’ve been having here in southwest Virginia. I paired it with a black crop top for a fun and flirty date night look, but I could easily pair it with a sweater or jean jacket for cooler weather. For size reference, I am 5’2’’ and I’m wearing a US XS in this skirt and it fits TTS. My heels are Sam Edelman and THE MOST COMFORTABLE block heels I’ve ever owned hands down. Plus, they’re super affordable and less than 1/2 the price of the popular Steve Madden nude heels everyone seems to own. 

    Lastly, my leather moto jacket is Coach and one of my favorite investment pieces in my closet. I got it for Christmas a few years ago and the quality is so good I plan to wear it for decades. The leather is buttery soft and you seriously can’t beat that! However, I totally understand that real leather is not for everyone, so I’ve linked a ton of faux leather jackets below. 



    Matt told me this look was completely impractical, but as I said above, I’m always going to wear what makes me happy. Life is too short to care what other people think, sorry baby! My only hold up is it’s extremely difficult to match white shades, my sweater was slightly eggshell which threw off the look more-so than if it was the same shade of white. Can anyone relate to the struggle?? 



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