When putting an outfit together you need to think about the basic elements such as the colours you want to use. Two main colours I will always base my outfit off are navy blue and black - personally I never put them together. 

    A motto I stick by is that you can never have enough black. You can wear a whole black set, but any other full coloured outfit would look too much. 
    The amount of pattern and colour you wear can either make or break the outfit, block colours are a definite safety zone. Let’s say you had a statement jumper - white with two red stripes - you can pair this with black jeans and black, red or white shoes. The key is to not overdo it - if the jumper was red with two white stripes you’d be better off wearing white jeans rather than black to lighten the outfit and make the stripes stand out. If a statement piece has multiple colours it’s best to wear one or two colours from this pattern for the rest of the outfit (all blue camo joggers with white shoes and a white top)

    Overdoing colours can be an issue too; wearing colours that don’t match or too many colours can be an eyesore. Making sure block colours are contrasted is important, i.e not wearing a dull top with dark bottoms. Sometimes even wearing black on black can be annoying if the blacks aren’t the same shade; some leggings have a purple undertone, whilst I know black vans have a green undertone. 

    Everyone needs to find “their colour”, a colour that matches them and brings features out such as their eyes, teeth, lips, skin, hair. Find it and wear a lot of it. Once you know what you like and you feel great in it, you’ll be able to know your style of fashion well enough to feel fully confident in anything you wear.

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