Tricky one denim. When do you wear it ? What do you wear it with ? How comfy is it ? Will it fit properly or leave you wishing you hadn’t eaten those five donuts ?

    When I choose to add one of the many types of denim to my ootd, I tread carefully. 

    Dark denim jeans I find can be matched to a navy blue sweater or a light coloured (especially pink) top. They pair so well with brown coats and beige timberlands.

    Light denim jeans work really well with reds and greens.

    Denim Jackets I would wear with practically anything. If you want to wear denim jeans/shorts to make a co-ord make sure they are super close in tone and colour otherwise it can look slightly weird, leggings and a jumper are always a good idea and look super stylish, a dress can make you look classy as anything and adding a jacket can compliment it well, tracksuits can be worn under just to give a little colour and warmth. They can dress up and down and outfit easily.

    Denim is super comfy when you find the right fit; I can’t wear any low waist jeans without feeling like I need to suck in my stomach 24/7 and I always check if I need a tall version or petit when looking at my ankles.

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