Fall Footwear: The Loafer's Cousin

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Fall Footwear: The Loafer's Cousin

    When I think of fall fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is layering. It's so much fun to layer multiple pieces of clothing. You can really accent your outfit to create a look that stands out from the crowd. Making a style statement is more than wearing a cascading floral dress or a sharp shoulder houndstooth blazer. Standing out from the crowd must consist of head to toe details. Pairing your outfit with aviator sunglasses and gold mini crew hoop earrings makes a huge difference in enhancing a dull look, but what takes care of the bottom half of your outfit? Dynamic shoes really complete any OOTD, especially when you pay attention to what’s in style for the season. 


    It's really easy to find cute shoes to wear in the fall. One can jump to wearing studded black ankle boots or velvet booties to enhance their fall outfit. However, it's nice to switch up your look and try something new. Ever wonder what other shoes to wear in autumn besides a pair of sultry over-the-knee boots or the classic Dr. Martens? I think the key to making a style statement is going against the grain and wearing understated pieces. It pays off when you choose the unpopular option because your entire outfit will stand out from the crowd. So what shoe trends are in style for fall? I’m not quite sure what’s currently popular for autumn 2021 shoe fashion but I know for sure mules will never go out of style for fall fashion. Period. 

    MULES: The Convenient Fall Shoe Every Woman Needs

    Mules or how I like to call them, the loafer’s cousin, will always make a style statement for fall. Why? Because they’re easy to transition from summer, which makes the shoes super convenient! Mules typically have an open back, so it’s perfect for wearing socks on cooler days and opting out for those warmer afternoons. Mules are a convenient upgrade to sneakers because they're style transitional. If you work an office job and need to run errands after work, you may not want to skip the streets in 4 inch stilettos, yet wearing chunky isn't part of the dress code. It would be nice to find a shoe that's appropriate for workwear and still transitional for errand running. Mules are a fantastic choice and they're perfect for each season.

    How to Style Mules for Fall?

    Quite frankly, I used to find mules unattractive because I never knew how to style the unique shoes. Sooner than later, I realized that mules are very adaptable. Mules look literally look good with anything from jeans to cocktail dresses. However, you need to keep one tip in mind. Styling mules is best with the LESS IS MORE concept. The best way to wear mules are to show them off. Allow the convenient fall shoe to have the spotlight in your outfit. I always style my Liz Claiborne Anina Mules with short dresses and ankle-hugging cuffed jeans.


    Whenever I wear mules, I feel not only stylish but comfortable and to me that makes fashion exciting! There's nothing like an outfit that boldly stands out from the rest but doesn't leave you feeling uneasy. Looking for something other than chunky white sneakers to wear for errand running? Mules are the ultimate go-to, here are some that I recommend:

    1. STEVE MADDEN Finn Chain Pointed Toe Mules
    2. KURT GEIGER LONDON Chelsea Studded Chain Detail Leather Mules
    3. SAM EDELMAN Lavina Mules
    4. MADDEN GIRL Tania-Q Chained Mules 
    5. VINCE CAMUTO Rachey Leather Mule with Chain Detail
    6. SCHUTZ Fryda Mules
    7. LULUS Livingston Blue Suede Buckled Pointed-Toe Mules

    As the weather becomes cooler and we’re trading in our caged sandals for chunky ankle booties, opt for something different. If you're looking for a style upgrade, try mules, they're an excellent sophisticated alternative to ballerina flats. Select something stylish like a pointed-toe mule or a kitten heel mule. If the shoe is too open for the cool temperatures, wear the mules with your skirts and fishnet tights instead of socks.

    What are your go-to shoes for autumn weather? What do you think about mules for fall?

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