Finding Your Style By Taking Fashion Risks

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Finding Your Style By Taking Fashion Risks

    Today I’m breaking from the usual pattern of 5 ideas and tips, and will instead take a more personal route.

    What I want to delve deeper into is how I learned to let go of my hang ups in the past years. How I found my style by taking fashion risks, and how I started owning it. Because hopefully, if you’re out there wondering “How do I find my style?”, this will resonate with you!

    …I found myself owning my personal style. I couldn’t quite pin the moment I started feeling like my style is 100% an accurate representation of me.

    But I do know how I got there: by taking more risks. By becoming braver than I was, by learning to silence the mean voices that whispered:

    “Who do you think you are?”

    “Do you really need to be so dressed up ALL the time?” (and the answer to that last one is YEEAAS! btw)

    Because I realized that owning your style, like anything else in life, is a matter of choice. And what that choice boils down to is: You can silence your own voice, in order to not stand out of the crowd.

    Or you can shrug your shoulders and say: “What’s the worst that can happen?”

    Why not take the plunge, and show the world what you really like, and who you really are? So what if everyone else doesn’t clap for you?

    So, I started wearing the outfits that felt too dramatic, too colourful, too girly, too… much.

    And you know what?

    I loved them!

    Because that’s just my style personality.

    And maybe you’re sitting in your bed reading this, and nodding vigorously. In which case, I hope this post inspires you to own your personal brand of fabulousness in style!

    Or maybe you’re at the other end of the spectrum. You like neutral, muted, simple outfits. But the whole world is screaming that you need to be so extra to be fashionable. That if you’re not on fleek, you’re not visible.

    Well, let me tell you- taking fashion risks is the best thing you can do! Whether a risk to you is reaching for a floral dress after your goth high-school years.

    Or wearing a plain black dress when everyone else is dressed up to the nines. Or throwing a leopard coat over a leather jacket, painting your lips red, and strutting around, Mick Jagger-style!

    Because I think we all like feeling comfortable in our own skin. And I also think that finding our own personal style- the one that truly embodies who we are inside- can help enormously with that.

    And since this is an effort we all need to make for ourselves, I wanted to give you a hand with it, in the form of my personal style course. A course that I built specifically to help you not feel alone in finding and defining your own brand of style. And a course based on my own years of experiences, experiments, stylistic trials and errors, risks and rewards.

    Because the truth is, it’s hard to define your style personality that if you don’t take fashion risks. If you don’t allow yourself to look ridiculous or feel uncomfortable in a certain outfit, so you can learn what to steer clear from. And rest assured that at the end of that uncomfortable period, lies one of supreme confidence. In yourself, in your looks, in your style. And in how your style represents your inner world to the outside one.

    Photos by Natalia Bylok

    P.S.: If you're looking for more personalized support in defining your own personal style, make sure you book a complementary session with me here

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