West Coast Winter

    Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to take a break from the freezing cold East Coast winter by visiting Southern California. I nearly forgot how refreshing it was to forgo 10 layers; something I couldn't get away with in NY without freezing my booty off. On the flip side, revisiting my home state reminded me how tricky it can be to serve a look while feeling wintery in 70-degree weather. A simple but effective strategy to achieve this is swapping out a statement jacket for a statement sweater. Choosing an eye-catching jumper made out of comfortable, breathable materials like polyamide and viscose blend instead of wool or mohair will be the best way to feel cozy without burning up like the beloved Cali sun. For the bottoms, a pair of culottes or palazzo pants will pair wonderfully with a lighter-sweater. Since I've been partially living in both these types of pants lately, I decided to switch things up with a pair of high waisted jeans. I also decided to leave behind my go-to pair of black ankle boots, opting for a white pair to tie in the sweater's white accents. And onto my final and favorite touches: accessories! Of course, I had to give this sweet n' sassy look a Parisian twist with the beret because I'm slightly obsessed with the classic, French-style hat (it's not like I have 12 of them or anything...) Add some earrings, a few rings, or whatever jewels you like and you're all set to hit the warm, winter streets looking and feeling cool as hell.

    More photos of this look on my main blog: http://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2019/01/funnyanyway.html

    • Blythe A Blythe A : I love that top. It's so fun, while also great for mild weather.
      10 months ago 
      • Lexi L Lexi L : thank you! it's one of my favorites in my closet <3
        10 months ago 
    • Samantha F Samantha F : That top gives your outfit a unique pop! Love the style and hope you enjoyed your time in SoCal!
      10 months ago 
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