What self-discovery means to style?

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What self-discovery means to style?

    Ever pondered on the enigma of self-discovery? 

    Lately, my friends and I have been talking about the ever-evolving journey of rediscovering our identities. Life changes, styles change. Isn’t it why we're often left puzzled in our own clothes? Because we are confused about who we are? 🧥💭 

    So, if fashion speaks volumes (let's face it, how we dress is our silent autobiography), how do I ensure my narrative is authentic? 

    Two keys: 

    ▪️summoning the courage to be unapologetically you 


    ▪️steering clear of the illusion of who you should be

    As Sartre once said, "Man is condemned to be free." Embrace that freedom! 🕊️ Shed the pretense, break free from false beliefs, and ditch those outdated patterns. 

    Be with yourself, completely and genuinely, in every damn moment. 🌟 Let your style tell a story that screams YOU, not what others expect. Ready to own it? 

    X, Zany

    • Strut P Strut P :

      @basket random I'm finding it difficult to find a style that suits me.

      6 months ago 
      • Zany P Zany P :

        And many of us do. What I realized is that usually we need to understand ourselves better first, otherwise we tend to follow fashion rules and think if we do everything "right" we will find our style. PM me if you want to chat more <3. 

        6 months ago 
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      5 months ago 
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