Golden Autumn Glory

    Yellow and golds were the reigning color of fall this year!

    Fall colors are my favorite ones, and though I’m a big lover of red and orange usually, it was time to match the leaves and let yellow shine through! 

    This skirt first attracted me because of its brightness. I’m not kidding, it literally seemed to jump out of the website at me! While it undoubtably can be dressed up beautifully in all its brightness, I wanted to take the challenge of wearing it casually. I don’t super love buying occasion outfits, and would much rather my garments get outside and be seen! Could I wear a pleated skirt with a tee, or sweater? Why not try! When I first wore it, a friend of mine remarked how it looked like I was wearing a giant yellow leaf, and that’s a pretty big compliment, to be honest. It felt light as a leaf, too!

    To test out the theory I could pull this outfit off, I wore it with a staple black sweatshirt. It’s the kind of sweatshirt that goes with anything, but black and yellow remains a daring and quite striking combo.

    Though I could have easily worn my black converse with this look, I chose to go with these unique floral boots I don’t wear very often. I’ll admit, they’re pretty uncomfortable after a while, and tend to rub my ankles (or any tights or socks I wear with them), though tying them loosely helps. That being said, for a short while or limited walking, they’re really awesome! Despite being floral, I felt that they went with this fall’s inspirational outfits perfectly. 

    My yellow & black accents included a bee pin from my friend, classic tassel earrings, and an old purse of mine that happened to have yellow accents. This handy Beatles Bag was created from an actual record! These days, small purses can be a tough sell when phones have gotten larger, but it does indeed fit my phone and a small card wallet, too. 

    Check out Femme Luxe’s Skirts and Jumpers, and Sweatshirts for some fall inspiration!

    Anyways I really enjoyed this look, and wearing it as fall comes to an end - “going out with a bang,” persay. I definitely look forward to wearing these garments other ways though - especially getting creative with such a bright, light skirt as the winter months arrive. I have a feeling I’ll need these colors to keep my spirits sunny when the days get dark! 

    Who else loves yellow!?

    This entry in collaboration with Femme Luxe.
    All photos shot and edited by me.

    Sweatshirt: Femme Luxe
    Skirt: Femme Luxe
    Booties: YES “Belmont” Boot (Shop similar)
    Bag: Gift, Bandinmyhand.com
    Pin: Adventure Bee via Reimagined 518
    Earrings: BaubleBar (for sale on Posh)

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