HAIRCARE ROUTINE | How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy

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HAIRCARE ROUTINE | How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy

    Hey All,

    Well its been a hot while hasn’t it? I actually filmed this video several months ago so thought it was about time I edited it and got back into the Youtube life, I have missed it and you guys! I will upload an update real soon. 

    Over the years I have been asked several questions about my hair; how I look after it, what products do I use? How do I manage to keep the length and grow it? 

    I thought now was the time to answer them and combine it all into one video. 

    Hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions write them down in the comments below. 

    Hope you are all keeping well and happy in this strange year that is 2020. 

    Sending you all a ton of love.



    SUMMER HAUL & TRY ON//www.youtube.com/embed/G00HboS5X1U?wmode=transparent

    LOUNGEWEAR HAUL & TRY ON//www.youtube.com/embed/G105trh9_mw?wmode=transparent

    SUMMER BERRY MAKEUP LOOK//www.youtube.com/embed/saPUfiUi7y0?wmode=transparent

    TOP NETFLIX RECOMMENDATIONS//www.youtube.com/embed/MVAZlVleRnA?wmode=transparent

    INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/annnieban

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnnaBan17

    See you all next time!

    Hugs & Squishes



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