How to find the personal style which is unique?

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How to find the personal style which is unique?

    The key is YOU

    And I am not talking about who to blame for not being creative or not having time to pull out the look that stylish lady passing by just had …. but YOU >> your personality, your likes, your dislikes, your preferences and all the little details which make you being you … and that all reflected into one unique and absolutely authentic style, your style! 

    Here is the deal: Style does not happen overnight neither is static, it evolves as you do. It is for everybody and lives inside you. Just pay attention. 

    Start from yourself >> knowing who you are, where you come from, what influenced you to become what you have become, understanding what you want to portrait to the world, how you want to be perceived ... 

    Seek for inspiration, experiment, learn what silhouettes you feel confident to wear and which colors not only suit you, but you also enjoy wearing. Play with styling to disguise what you prefer to and highlight the assets you are most proud of! Observe any single detail you like from material to everything that matters to you! Recognize the vibe you plan to achieve. And don't be discouraged when it doesn't come together the way you saw it in your mind at the first time. There are no rules, only if you make them for yourself and even those are made to be broken.

    And then >> bring it all into the lifestyle you live. You have to make it work! I’ll tell you why - that expensive fancy shoes I admire do not sound like a clever investment when the majority of the time I spend chasing my kids around the playground! 

    For me owning my style means feeling confident in my own skin and knowing that I look great before anybody else tells me so.

    I am curious to hear: What does style mean to you? Or are you just starting to work out your own style? If you find it all confusing and overwhelming get in touch and we can zoom into your style challenges together. 

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    • Julia M Julia M :

      Zany, it's nice to have your posts back!  Loved the message, I could not agree more. Furthermore, I can't claim that I found my style. It seems to be ever-evolving with me, also changing seasonally and occasionally. And, I love it!

      2 weeks ago 
    • Zany P Zany P :

      Hi Julia, thank you very much. I had quite a break, didn't I?

      You are absolutely right about evolving style, it just keeps the rhythm with your life! And that is how it should be - otherwise you would find yourself being trapped in the style rut sooner or later. We, women, play many roles, and depending on which stage of your life you are at - it significantly influences what clothes make you feel confident. Do you agree?

      2 weeks ago 
    • Julia M Julia M :

      Zany, I totally agree. Especially when comparing my today's style with what I've worn in the past. And, yes, its been a while!

      So, how would you describe your style now?  

      2 weeks ago 
    • Zany P Zany P :

      I love it!

      Well, I am an eclectic minimalist with maximal creative potential :D ...clean lines with a hint of conceptual elements where details always matter! oh, and I like to mix different materials and give the look an unexpected twist. 

      What about you Julia?

      2 weeks ago 
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