Knee high boots


    Your statement piece to any outfit. They make you look classy af and taller which is great for someone like me who is 5’6. 

    Knee high boots are the casual and comfy version of high heels. You can’t walk into college in 5” stelletos, but you can wear the boots basically anywhere. 

    In the autumn and winter they should be on your essential list; you can walk for miles and not have your feet screaming at you for warmth or a rest. 

    However, the down side is that they can be quite expensive - most shoes are. The best way to get the cheapest deal is obviously sales (student nights are amazing) discount codes online, student discount cards (most are free) and if you buy in a big order you’re going to get a bigger percentage off each individual item. Finding the right site also helps; you don’t need Gucci on the bottom of the sole if you can get the same look for less than half the price, only your feet are gunna see the label at the end of the day.

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